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All bidding will finish on 21/01/2019 at 5.00 pm
and will start again on Wednesday 23/01/2019 at 8.30am

5 WEEKS TO GO……………………

Our brand new Leeds Homes website is being launched on 19th Feb 2019. You will be able to;
  • Complete a new applications on-line
  • Update your housing application on-line
  • See which properties you are eligible to bid on
  • Bid for a max of 3 Council and 3 Housing Association properties
  • See your live bidding position
  • Withdraw your bid and add another one without having to contact us
  • Explore more information about properties and the local area
  • Complete an online housing options self-assessment
The new website will be available at the same address, from Tuesday 19th Feb 2019.

For more info ….
How long does it take to get rehoused?
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The really useful Leeds Homes Social Housing Picker will help you find out how long it might take to be rehoused in any area across Leeds. It's customised to your own housing circumstances and will tell you the average number of weeks to be rehoused in Council Ward areas, even down to street level based on lettings made in the last 5 years.
Why not give it a try here.
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How to Bid



You can bid for up to three homes a week by:

  • Using this website
  • Texting your bids
  • Telephoning our Contact Centre on (0113) 222 4413  

Follow the links above for more information about these services.