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All bidding will finish on Monday 18/12/2017 at 5.00 pm and will start again on Wednesday 20/12/2017
at 8.30 am.
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Lettings Results

We publish lettings results to provide details of how many bids we have received for each property we have advertised.

We publish the priority band of each customer who has been offered one of our homes, except where a direct let has been made. The majority of homes are let to customers in the highest priority band who have held that priority for the longest time. Up to 25% of council homes are advertised in the date of registration quota (DORQ) where the property is let to the person with the earliest date of registration and a local connection to the area. The relevant dates for each category are shown in the column ‘Member's Registration Data/Priority Date’ below. The DORQ lettings indicate the customer’s date of registration and the priority band lettings indicate their date of their priority award.

This will help you to decide how best to use your bids. It also enables us to make our lettings fair and transparent.

Please bear in mind that individual property feedback is only added when a property has been let. This can be delayed considerably, for example, when extensive repairs are required or when the current tenant extends their notice period.

Search for results by property reference or address.

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Most recent letting results
Housing officeProperty refAddressNo. of BidsPriority of MemberMember's Waiting TimeMember's Registration Data/Priority DateDate AdvertisedProperty Type
Armley986797 Wortley Heights, Armley0Direct Let2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley9788637 Poplar Mount, Bramley20Band C11 months15/09/2016 19/07/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley9810520 Poplar Green, Bramley161Band A+1 month03/08/2017 02/08/2017 2 Bed House
Armley9764238 Poplar Mount, Bramley43Band C11 months03/09/2016 05/07/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley965218A Wyther Park View, Armley107Band B2 months28/03/2017 03/05/2017 1 Bed Flat
Armley9822076 Clyde Grange, Armley17Band C2 months15/06/2017 09/08/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley9839587 Burnsall Grange, Armley64Band C12 months02/09/2016 16/08/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley98726FLAT 36 2-64 Block, Sir Karl Cohen Square22Band C23 months03/11/2015 06/09/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Armley9793923 Poplar Court, Bramley65Band B1 month07/07/2017 26/07/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley9839739 Aviary Mount, Armley111Band A6 months28/02/2017 16/08/2017 1 Bed House
Armley9652276 Poplar Mount, Bramley82Band C3 months16/02/2017 03/05/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley967221 Wyther Park Close, Armley134Band C127 months05/01/2007 17/05/2017 1 Bed Flat
Armley9737994 Wortley Heights, Armley18DORQ Band C14 months13/05/2016 21/06/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley978245 Holdforth Gardens, Armley150Band A11 months02/09/2016 19/07/2017 3 Bed House
Armley9856129 Wyther Park Hill, Armley121DORQ Band C33 months24/12/2014 30/08/2017 3 Bed House
Armley9788824 Aviary Mount, Armley109DORQ Band C28 months10/04/2015 19/07/2017 1 Bed House
Armley9793130 Ley Lane, Armley0Direct Let4 Bed House
Armley9810454 Wortley Towers, Armley64Band C3 months02/06/2017 02/08/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley9828074 Burnsall Croft, Armley11Band B2 months15/06/2017 09/08/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley985014 Clyde Court, Armley75DORQ Band C22 months04/11/2015 23/08/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley9773472 Burnsall Croft, Armley66Band B4 months24/03/2017 12/07/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley9824742 Clyde Court, Armley84Band C31 months13/02/2015 09/08/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley9822430 Raynville Grange, Bramley83DORQ Band C2 months10/07/2017 09/08/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley978872 Raynville Dene, Armley119Band A1 month20/07/2017 19/07/2017 1 Bed Flat
Armley9869114 Musgrave Bank, Bramley0Direct Let2 Bed House
Armley9872560a, Sir Karl Cohen Square15Band C3 months26/06/2017 06/09/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Armley9744440 Burnsall Grange, Armley19Band C15 months22/04/2016 21/06/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley9865429 Poplar Mount, Bramley13Band A1 month24/08/2017 30/08/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley9840022 Poplar Way, Bramley176Band A12 months12/09/2016 16/08/2017 2 Bed House
Armley986298 Aviary Mount, Armley91Band A7 months08/02/2017 30/08/2017 2 Bed House
Armley9879217 Burnsall Court, Armley38Band A4 months13/06/2017 13/09/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed MSF
Beeston & Holbeck9829396 Cottingley Drive, Cottingley53Band A21 months19/11/2015 09/08/2017 2 Bed House
Beeston & Holbeck9827038 Atha Crescent, Cross Flatts152Band A11 months19/09/2016 09/08/2017 2 Bed House
Beeston & Holbeck98644Flat 52, Holbeck Moor Road254Band C40 months20/05/2014 30/08/2017 2 Bed Flat
Beeston & Holbeck9802219 Shafton Place, Holbeck90Band A2 months08/06/2017 26/07/2017 1 Bed House
Beeston & Holbeck9828922 Cottingley Heights, Cottingley36Band C27 months11/06/2015 09/08/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Beeston & Holbeck9880217 Colenso Road, Holbeck0Direct Let2 Bed House
Beeston & Holbeck9864372 Dulverton Green, Cottingley25DORQ Band C26 months29/07/2015 30/08/2017 1/2 Bed Flat
Beeston & Holbeck9836412 Dulverton Square, Cottingley89Band A14 months14/07/2016 16/08/2017 2 Bed House
Beeston & Holbeck98361109 Parkwood Road, Beeston149Band A31 months06/02/2015 16/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Beeston & Holbeck9801917 Shafton View, Holbeck103Band A2 months21/06/2017 26/07/2017 1 Bed House
Beeston & Holbeck98178115 Cottingley Drive, Cottingley110DORQ Band B33 months05/12/2014 02/08/2017 1 Bed House
Beeston & Holbeck9829425 Dulverton Grove, Cottingley118Band A8 months21/12/2016 09/08/2017 3 Bed House
Beeston & Holbeck9802083 Cottingley Towers, Cottingley42Band B14 months22/06/2016 26/07/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Beeston & Holbeck9783934 Malvern Grove, Holbeck112Band A18 months08/02/2016 19/07/2017 3 Bed House
Beeston & Holbeck957907 Cardinal Court, Beeston0Direct LetExtra Care - 1 Bed Flat
Beeston & Holbeck98027FLAT 23, Ingram Court32Band C31 months26/01/2015 26/07/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Belle Isle9799955 Aberfield Drive, Belle Isle92Band A6 months13/02/2017 26/07/2017 1 Bed Flat
Belle Isle976821 Aberfield Drive, Belle Isle84Band A25 months02/07/2015 05/07/2017 1 Bed Flat
Belle Isle9848229 Winrose Grove, Belle Isle51Band A3 months02/06/2017 23/08/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Belle Isle9800015 East Grange Square, Belle Isle72Band A10 months13/10/2016 26/07/2017 2 Bed House
Belle Isle9834721 Winrose Grove, Belle Isle72Band A1 month28/07/2017 16/08/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Belle Isle9800659 Broom Terrace, Belle Isle145Band A11 months29/09/2016 26/07/2017 2 Bed House
Belle Isle9799736 Town Street, Belle Isle65Band A8 months30/11/2016 26/07/2017 1 Bed Flat
Belle Isle9788131 Broom Crescent, Belle Isle39Band A5 months16/03/2017 19/07/2017 2 Bed House
Belle Isle9826656 Winrose Drive, Belle Isle92Band B26 months14/07/2015 09/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Belle Isle98231101 Winrose Approach, Belle Isle133Band A12 months06/09/2016 09/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Belle Isle9883012 Winrose Grove, Belle Isle0Direct Let1 Bed Flat
Bramley9843212 Sycamore Row, Rodley129Band A15 months16/06/2016 23/08/2017 3 Bed House
Bramley981271 Broadlea Grove, Bramley33Band A6 months27/02/2017 02/08/2017 2 Bed House
Bramley9819217 Rossefield Avenue, Bramley0Direct Let1 Bed Flat
Bramley9813917 Snowden Lawn, Bramley25Band A4 months02/05/2017 02/08/2017 2 Bed Maisonette
Bramley9831232 Ganners Rise, Bramley70Band A2 months11/07/2017 16/08/2017 1 Bed Bungalow
Bramley97583140 Broadlea Terrace, Bramley98Band B38 months03/06/2014 05/07/2017 1 Bed Flat
Bramley9825143 Fairfield Hill, Bramley116Band A10 months01/11/2016 09/08/2017 3 Bed House
Burmantofts9786910 Naseby View, Burmantofts236Band A6 months09/02/2017 19/07/2017 1 Bed Flat
Burmantofts977434 Cherry Court, Burmantofts126Band A5 months09/03/2017 12/07/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts9821644 Nippet Lane, Burmantofts167Band A7 months09/02/2017 09/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Burmantofts982575 Appleton Close, Burmantofts56Band A6 months09/03/2017 09/08/2017 3 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts9850840 Torre Gardens, Burmantofts207Band A9 months22/12/2016 23/08/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts9825661 Shakespeare Grange, Burmantofts88Band C42 months24/03/2014 09/08/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts9786621 Torre Mount, Burmantofts223Band A8 months28/11/2016 19/07/2017 3 Bed House
Burmantofts9813487 Lupton Avenue, Harehills24Band A3 months17/05/2017 02/08/2017 2 Bed Flat
Burmantofts98286School Bungalow, Rigton Drive0Direct Let3 Bed Bungalow
Burmantofts9867246 Nippet Lane, Burmantofts209DORQ Band B62 months24/08/2012 06/09/2017 1 Bed Flat
Burmantofts9766166 Brownhill Terrace, Harehills100Band A4 months14/03/2017 05/07/2017 1/2 Bed Flat
Burmantofts97868162 Haslewood Drive, Burmantofts141Band A18 months15/02/2016 19/07/2017 3 Bed Maisonette
Burmantofts9668053 Appleton Square, Burmantofts169Band A1 month27/04/2017 10/05/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
City & Hunslet9829077 Crescent Towers, Holbeck25Band C3 months08/06/2017 09/08/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
City & Hunslet9789237 Waverley Garth, Holbeck25Band A2 months14/06/2017 19/07/2017 2 Bed Maisonette
City & Hunslet978898 Waverley Garth, Holbeck134Band A6 months31/01/2017 19/07/2017 1 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet9777733 Belinda Street, Hunslet176DORQ Band B33 months27/10/2014 12/07/2017 1 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet9850218 Garnet Grove, Holbeck57Band A4 months24/05/2017 23/08/2017 2 Bed House
City & Hunslet9778254 Leasowe Avenue, Hunslet150Band B2 months01/06/2017 12/07/2017 1 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet9812578 Marlborough Towers, Park Lane266Band A+1 month24/07/2017 09/08/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
City & Hunslet9780125 Garnet Place, Holbeck47Band A4 months03/04/2017 19/07/2017 2 Bed House
City & Hunslet9780215 Royal Grove, Hunslet204DORQ Band A189 months25/01/2002 19/07/2017 2 Bed House
City & Hunslet9789197 Marlborough Towers, Park Lane92Band A7 months22/12/2016 19/07/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
City & Hunslet9683730 Leasowe Avenue, Hunslet97Band C38 months09/04/2014 17/05/2017 1 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet9759852 Hemingway Garth, Hunslet112Band A21 months12/11/2015 05/07/2017 3 Bed House
City & Hunslet982722 Bismarck Street, Beeston111Band A11 months11/10/2016 09/08/2017 3 Bed House
City & Hunslet9818165 Waverley Garth, Holbeck49Band B10 months02/11/2016 02/08/2017 2 Bed Maisonette
City & Hunslet9864067 Waverley Garth, Holbeck41DORQ Band C32 months19/01/2015 30/08/2017 2 Bed Maisonette
Gipton983343 Brecon Court, Gipton14Band A1 month04/08/2017 16/08/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Gipton9852818 St Alban Crescent, Harehills284DORQ Band A51 months19/06/2013 23/08/2017 3 Bed House
Gipton9762724 Amberton Grove, Gipton267Band A26 months21/05/2015 05/07/2017 3 Bed House
Gipton983005 Denbigh Croft, Gipton29Band C3 months12/06/2017 16/08/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Gipton9853912 St Augustines Court, Harehills29Band A1 month07/08/2017 23/08/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Gipton9845419 South Farm Road, Gipton119Band A7 months16/02/2017 23/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Gipton9761633 South Farm Road, Gipton136Band A22 months22/09/2015 05/07/2017 1 Bed Flat
Gipton979542 South Farm Crescent, Gipton211Band A16 months26/04/2016 26/07/2017 3 Bed House
Gipton982349 Coldcotes Drive, Gipton116Band A8 months19/12/2016 09/08/2017 3 Bed House
Gipton9763911 Amberton Approach, Gipton145Band A19 months11/01/2016 05/07/2017 3 Bed House
Gipton9764585 Foundry Approach, Harehills42Band A2 months31/05/2017 05/07/2017 1 Bed Flat
Gipton9782910 Coldcotes Garth, Gipton203Band A18 months15/02/2016 19/07/2017 3 Bed House
Gipton981158 Kimberley View, Harehills79DORQ Band B36 months01/09/2014 02/08/2017 2 Bed House
Halton Moor & Osmondthorpe9799228 Lakeland Court, Halton Moor4Band C192 months02/11/2001 26/07/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Halton Moor & Osmondthorpe9786491 Halton Moor Avenue, Osmondthorpe83DORQ Band B24 months26/08/2015 19/07/2017 2 Bed Flat
Halton Moor & Osmondthorpe9853420 Neville Avenue, Osmondthorpe53DORQ Band C16 months13/05/2016 23/08/2017 2 Bed Flat
Halton Moor & Osmondthorpe9812818 Neville Mount, Osmondthorpe110Band A6 months06/02/2017 02/08/2017 3 Bed House
Horsforth9749410 Wells Court, Yeadon48Band A7 months02/12/2016 28/06/2017 2 Bed Maisonette
Horsforth9809914 The Grove, Horsforth128Band C167 months08/12/2003 02/08/2017 2 Bed Bungalow
Horsforth98274132 Farrar Lane, Holt Park45Band B1 month31/07/2017 09/08/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Horsforth9746717 Coppice Wood Grove, Guiseley67Band A24 months07/08/2015 28/06/2017 2 Bed Flat
Horsforth98339119 Queensway, Yeadon117Band A3 months31/05/2017 16/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Horsforth97872Flat 1, 66 Springfield Mount62Band C11 months09/09/2016 19/07/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Horsforth9814747 Cragg Avenue, Horsforth171Band A+6 months28/02/2017 02/08/2017 3 Bed House
Horsforth9814822 Shakespeare Road, Guiseley61Band A13 months14/07/2016 02/08/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Bung.
Horsforth98383118 Tennyson Street, Guiseley113Band A7 months23/01/2017 16/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Horsforth9800736 Tennyson Street, Guiseley120Band A9 months01/11/2016 26/07/2017 1 Bed Flat
Horsforth98261Flat 3, 33 Featherbank Lane91Band A15 months01/06/2016 09/08/2017 2 Bed Flat
Horsforth9918119 Wharfedale View, Chapel Lane0Direct Let2 Bed Flat
Horsforth9810930 Albert Square, Yeadon87Band A30 months05/03/2015 02/08/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Bung.
Horsforth9868919 Woodlea Approach, Yeadon0Direct LetSheltered - 1 Bed Bung.
Horsforth9861758 Holtdale Grove, Holt Park0Direct Let1 Bed Flat
Horsforth982524 St Andrews Court, Yeadon107Band A13 months31/08/2016 30/08/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Bung.
Horsforth9773914 Henshaw Avenue, Yeadon76Band A8 months23/11/2016 12/07/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Bung.
Horsforth9787148 Wood Lane, Horsforth123Band C21 months12/11/2015 19/07/2017 Sheltered - 2 Bed Bung.
Horsforth980082 Holtdale Road, Holt Park119Band A7 months04/01/2017 26/07/2017 1 Bed Flat
Horsforth9810319 Wharfedale Court, Pool-In-Wharfedale33Band C27 months24/06/2015 23/08/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Horsforth984987 Wharfedale Court, Pool-In-Wharfedale35Band A2 months27/07/2017 30/08/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Horsforth981267A Weston Drive, Weston Estate36Band B19 months09/02/2016 02/08/2017 1/2 Bed Flat
Kippax97733116 Valley Ridge, Kippax58Band A5 months14/03/2017 12/07/2017 Sheltered - 2 Bed Bung.
Kippax980344 Primrose Hill Garth, Swillington74Band A10 months20/10/2016 02/08/2017 1 Bed Bungalow
Kippax9819745 Main Street, Methley13Band A1 month25/07/2017 09/08/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Kippax981101 Westfield Bungalows, Allerton Bywater73Band A17 months07/04/2016 02/08/2017 2 Bed Bungalow
Kippax985561 Halliday Court, Garforth22Band A14 months25/07/2016 30/08/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Kippax978473 The Link, Swillington50Band A5 months16/03/2017 19/07/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Bung.
Kippax9828816 Victoria Street, Allerton Bywater18Band C1 month20/07/2017 09/08/2017 Bedsit
Kippax983189 Cross Hills Court, Kippax9Band A3 months05/06/2017 16/08/2017 Sheltered - Bedsit
Kirkstall98350177 Queenswood Drive, Headingley204Band A13 months05/08/2016 23/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Kirkstall9777546 Beevers Court, Ireland Wood63Band A1 month19/06/2017 12/07/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Kirkstall9743020 Beevers Court, Ireland Wood62Band B13 months07/06/2016 21/06/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Kirkstall9777453 Lea Farm Road, Kirkstall182Band A20 months16/12/2015 12/07/2017 3 Bed House
Kirkstall97483119 Cragside Walk, Kirkstall97DORQ Band B25 months29/06/2015 05/07/2017 2 Bed Flat
Kirkstall9846611 Greenhow Gardens, Burley64Band A3 months01/06/2017 23/08/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Bung.
Kirkstall9870254 Beevers Court, Ireland Wood78DORQ Band C27 months26/06/2015 06/09/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Kirkstall9859233 Norman Towers, West Park27Band A25 months21/08/2015 30/08/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Kirkstall9846519 Queenswood Green, Headingley76Band A28 months18/05/2015 23/08/2017 1/2 Bed Flat
Little London979583 Howden Place, Burley88Band A27 months26/05/2015 26/07/2017 2 Bed House
Little London9821078 Holborn Towers, Woodhouse175Band A7 months09/02/2017 09/08/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Little London9845241 Carlton Rise, Sheepscar124Band A+2 months03/07/2017 23/08/2017 2 Bed Flat
Little London98341100 Lovell Park Towers, Sheepscar49Band A7 months25/01/2017 16/08/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Little London9797066 Lovell Park Grange, Sheepscar180Band A26 months03/07/2015 26/07/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Little London9868342 Lovell Park Grange, Sheepscar242Band A+2 months21/07/2017 06/09/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Little London977043 Kelsall Road, Burley225Band A25 months13/07/2015 19/07/2017 1 Bed House
Little London975704 Harold Place, Burley103Band A5 months14/02/2017 05/07/2017 2 Bed House
Little London980417 Harold Terrace, Burley209Band A+1 month24/07/2017 02/08/2017 1 Bed House
Little London964387 St Johns Close, Burley109DORQ Band C32 months08/10/2014 26/04/2017 1 Bed Flat
Little London97953114 Hyde Park Road, Burley205Band A16 months14/04/2016 26/07/2017 1 Bed Flat
Meanwood9824154 Miles Hill Road, Miles Hill516Band A20 months14/01/2016 09/08/2017 3 Bed House
Meanwood9754819 Leafield Grange, Moortown169Band A19 months09/12/2015 28/06/2017 1 Bed Flat
Meanwood984134 Lidgett Towers, Gledhow33Band B27 months19/06/2015 16/08/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Meanwood97671112 Queenshill Avenue, Moortown64Band C29 months17/02/2015 05/07/2017 3 Bed Maisonette
Meanwood9790911 King Alfreds Walk, Meanwood71Band A13 months15/07/2016 19/07/2017 2 Bed Flat
Meanwood980914 Scott Hall Avenue, Chapeltown218DORQ Band B52 months24/05/2013 02/08/2017 2 Bed House
Meanwood9837693 Parkside Road, Meanwood299DORQ Band A52 months06/06/2013 16/08/2017 2 Bed House
Meanwood9798462 Button Hill, Chapeltown48Band A3 months23/05/2017 26/07/2017 Sheltered - 2 Bed Flat
Meanwood9865347 Scott Hall Place, Chapeltown293Band A24 months28/09/2015 30/08/2017 2 Bed House
Meanwood975457 Louis Grove, Chapeltown207Band A21 months08/10/2015 28/06/2017 3 Bed House
Meanwood981249 Meanwood Valley Close, Meanwood97Band A+2 months15/06/2017 02/08/2017 1/2 Bed Flat
Meanwood98511Flat A 45 Spencer Place, Chapeltown69Band A4 months12/05/2017 23/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Meanwood9809252 Leopold Street, Chapeltown101Band A2 months19/06/2017 02/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Meanwood9828750 Beckhill Chase, Meanwood174Band A6 months08/03/2017 09/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Meanwood9851549 Gledhow Towers, Gledhow32Band B1 month14/08/2017 23/08/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Meanwood9660223 Beckhill Grove, Meanwood56DORQ Band C24 months18/05/2015 03/05/2017 2 Bed Maisonette
Meanwood9776214 Beckhill Green, Meanwood142Band A17 months24/02/2016 12/07/2017 1/2 Bed House
Meanwood975467 Leopold Gardens, Chapeltown83DORQ Band B25 months09/07/2015 28/06/2017 1/2 Bed Flat
Meanwood980884 Newton Lodge Close, Chapel Allerton134Band A7 months05/01/2017 02/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Middleton9680711 Intake Square, Middleton91Band A+2 months30/03/2017 17/05/2017 3 Bed House
Middleton98157114 Bodmin Crescent, Middleton96Band A6 months21/02/2017 02/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Middleton9863728 Middleton Park Court, Middleton15Band A1 month11/08/2017 30/08/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Middleton98371116 Town Street, Middleton101DORQ Band C179 months11/12/2002 16/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Middleton979058 Newhall Crescent, Middleton45DORQ Band B15 months11/05/2016 19/07/2017 2 Bed Flat
Middleton98013308 Sissons Road, Middleton78Band A10 months04/10/2016 26/07/2017 2 Bed Flat
Middleton976304 Thorpe Grove, Middleton155DORQ Band C21 months02/11/2015 05/07/2017 2 Bed House
Middleton9765873 Middleton Park Road, Middleton146Band A1 month09/06/2017 05/07/2017 3 Bed House
Middleton9776620 Sissons Grove, Middleton169Band A11 months18/08/2016 12/07/2017 3 Bed House
Morley987203 Glen Road, Morley91Band A14 months11/08/2016 06/09/2017 1 Bed Flat
Morley9752610 Asquith Drive, Morley37Band A30 months07/02/2015 28/06/2017 1 Bed Flat
Morley9714224 Siegen Close, Morley28Band A10 months18/08/2016 07/06/2017 Sheltered - 2 Bed Flat
Morley981832 Kingsway, Drighlington19Band A8 months19/12/2016 02/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Morley9779756 Vicarage Avenue, Gildersome214Band A17 months09/03/2016 12/07/2017 2 Bed House
Morley981129 Elmfield Court, Morley52DORQ Band C18 months12/02/2016 02/08/2017 2 Bed Flat
Morley9782655 William Street, Churwell0Direct Let1 Bed Flat
Morley9845044 William Street, Churwell179Band A+3 months07/07/2017 06/09/2017 1 Bed Flat
Morley985376 Oak Avenue, Morley177Band A25 months25/08/2015 23/08/2017 2 Bed House
Morley979647 The Grove, Gildersome12Band C4 months06/04/2017 26/07/2017 Sheltered - Bedsit
Morley9820947 Siegen Close, Morley40Band B24 months09/09/2015 09/08/2017 Sheltered - 2 Bed Flat
Morley9846153 William Street, Churwell0Direct Let1 Bed Flat
Pudsey9820075 Littlemoor Crescent, Pudsey147DORQ Band C22 months06/11/2015 09/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Pudsey988646 Ripon House, Farsley0Direct Let2 Bed Flat
Pudsey9864282 Littlemoor Crescent, Pudsey294DORQ Band A54 months08/04/2013 30/08/2017 2 Bed House
Pudsey9815313 The Gardens, Farsley58Band A2 months27/06/2017 02/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Pudsey9742145 Parkwood Gardens, Calverley234Band A15 months22/04/2016 21/06/2017 2 Bed House
Pudsey9830266A Thorpe Road, Pudsey90Band A2 months22/06/2017 16/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Pudsey98527110 Claremont Grove, Pudsey42Band B25 months10/08/2015 23/08/2017 2 Bed Flat
Pudsey9814422 Rycroft Court, Swinnow33Band B14 months23/06/2016 02/08/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Pudsey9841856 Thorpe Road, Pudsey123Band A18 months17/03/2016 23/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Pudsey9847113 Tofts House Close, Pudsey129Band A10 months31/10/2016 23/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Pudsey9843342 Chaucer Avenue, Pudsey50Band A7 months01/02/2017 23/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Richmond Hill97742207 Cross Green Lane, Cross Green75Band A6 months20/01/2017 12/07/2017 2 Bed House
Richmond Hill9867628 Temple View Place, East End Park118Band A4 months17/05/2017 06/09/2017 2 Bed House
Richmond Hill9859012 Temple View Grove, East End Park145Band A7 months23/02/2017 30/08/2017 3 Bed House
Richmond Hill97302106 Rookwood Road, Osmondthorpe201Band A10 months15/09/2016 14/06/2017 3 Bed House
Richmond Hill9825866 Ascot Terrace, East End Park183DORQ Band C39 months04/06/2014 09/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Richmond Hill9813640 Flax Place, Saxton Gardens72Band B10 months25/10/2016 02/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Rothwell9838782 Queensway, Rothwell79Band A+3 months26/05/2017 16/08/2017 2 Bed Flat
Rothwell9566350 North Lane, Oulton162Band B7 months25/08/2016 08/03/2017 3 Bed House
Rothwell9769023 Second Avenue, Rothwell44Band A7 months05/01/2017 05/07/2017 3 Bed House
Rothwell9792940 Third Avenue, Rothwell115Band A6 months02/02/2017 26/07/2017 3 Bed House
Rothwell9796512 Green Lea, Oulton124Band A3 months12/05/2017 26/07/2017 3 Bed House
Rothwell9829524 Windmill Chase, Rothwell160Band A16 months21/04/2016 09/08/2017 3 Bed House
Rothwell9765411 Fourth Avenue, Rothwell89Band A53 months03/03/2013 05/07/2017 3 Bed House
Rothwell9770221 Second Avenue, Rothwell122DORQ Band C13 months01/07/2016 12/07/2017 3 Bed House
Rothwell9825023 All Saints Circle, Woodlesford118Band A27 months12/06/2015 09/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Rothwell98215190 Wood Lane, Rothwell71Band A29 months20/04/2015 09/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Rothwell9739348 The Crescent, Tingley64Band A37 months09/07/2014 28/06/2017 1 Bed Bungalow
Seacroft North9847097 Queensview, Seacroft24Band A2 months29/06/2017 23/08/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed MSF
Seacroft North97836207 South Parkway, Seacroft0Direct Let1 Bed Flat
Seacroft North982237 Brooklands Towers, Seacroft61Band A12 months15/08/2016 09/08/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Seacroft North9840856 Kentmere Crescent, Seacroft130Band A12 months09/09/2016 16/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Seacroft North977221 Murton Close, Seacroft119DORQ Band C29 months25/02/2015 12/07/2017 1 Bed Flat
Seacroft North9758860 Brooklands Towers, Seacroft80Band B9 months12/10/2016 05/07/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Seacroft North9852059 Seacroft Gate, Seacroft17Band B6 months14/03/2017 23/08/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Seacroft North9826248 Boggart Hill Road, Seacroft104Band A15 months17/05/2016 09/08/2017 3 Bed House
Seacroft North9769140 Eastdean Gardens, Seacroft82Band A15 months18/04/2016 05/07/2017 2 Bed House
Seacroft North98353146 Brooklands Avenue, Seacroft152DORQ Band C122 months24/08/2007 16/08/2017 3 Bed House
Seacroft North9868440 Asket Drive, Seacroft185Band A39 months14/07/2014 06/09/2017 1 Bed Flat
Seacroft North97721229 South Parkway, Seacroft203Band A8 months05/12/2016 12/07/2017 1 Bed Flat
Seacroft South9810230 Inglewood Drive, Seacroft121Band A23 months02/10/2015 02/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Seacroft South9895094 Inglewood Drive, Seacroft0Direct Let1 Bed Flat
Seacroft South9836614 Ramshead Heights, Seacroft54Band A5 months04/04/2017 16/08/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Seacroft South98389128 Tarnside Drive, Seacroft41Band A4 months21/04/2017 16/08/2017 3 Bed House
Seacroft South983556 Brathay Gardens, Seacroft76Band A5 months20/03/2017 16/08/2017 3 Bed House
Seacroft South9830580 Parkway Towers, Seacroft62Band A4 months20/04/2017 16/08/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Seacroft South9738594 Moresdale Lane, Seacroft222DORQ Band B38 months22/05/2014 21/06/2017 2 Bed House
Seacroft South9777123 Stocks Rise, Seacroft139Band A+5 months02/03/2017 12/07/2017 1 Bed Flat
Seacroft South9835450 Ramshead Heights, Seacroft99Band A1 month16/08/2017 16/08/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Seacroft South98351180 Dufton Approach, Seacroft70Band A11 months12/10/2016 16/08/2017 3 Bed House
Swarcliffe9855159 Sherburn Court, Whinmoor29Band C17 months05/05/2016 30/08/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Swarcliffe9876470 Sherburn Court, Whinmoor0Direct LetSheltered - 2 Bed MSF
Swarcliffe9772022 Eastwood Crescent, Swarcliffe153Band A7 months30/12/2016 12/07/2017 2 Bed House
Swarcliffe977922 Farndale Approach, Whinmoor0Direct Let4 Bed House
Swarcliffe9910649 Naburn Fold, Whinmoor0Direct Let3 Bed House
Swarcliffe976738 Eastwood Garth, Swarcliffe227DORQ Band B48 months30/07/2013 05/07/2017 2 Bed House
Swarcliffe9888514 Southwood Gate, Swarcliffe0Direct Let2 Bed House
Swarcliffe9746312 Stanks Parade, Stanks157Band C7 months23/12/2016 28/06/2017 3 Bed House
Swarcliffe985945 Eastwood Garth, Swarcliffe0Direct Let3 Bed House
Weetwood9842320 Iveson Gardens, Ireland Wood44DORQ Band C26 months06/07/2015 23/08/2017 3 Bed Maisonette
Weetwood9840573 Tinshill Mount, Tinshill48Band A3 months24/05/2017 16/08/2017 1/2 Bed Flat
Weetwood97572215 Iveson Drive, Ireland Wood46Band A5 months07/03/2017 05/07/2017 2 Bed Flat
Weetwood9840642 Moor Grange Court, West Park53Band B1 month25/07/2017 16/08/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Wetherby97674156 Alderton Heights, Moortown106Band A3 months03/05/2017 05/07/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Wetherby9837521 Belle Vue Estate, Scholes89Band A35 months03/10/2014 16/08/2017 Sheltered - 2 Bed Bung.
Wetherby9846327 Moorhaven Court, Moortown49Band C59 months05/11/2012 23/08/2017 Sheltered - Bedsit
Wetherby9824410 South Mount, East Keswick79Band A4 months02/05/2017 09/08/2017 1 Bed Bungalow
Wetherby9871615 Durrant Close, Walton Road37Band A5 months25/04/2017 06/09/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Wetherby9798815 Belle Vue Estate, Scholes119Band A+13 months29/07/2016 09/08/2017 Sheltered - 2 Bed Bung.
Wetherby9848422 Fir Tree Vale, Moortown0Direct Let3 Bed House
Wetherby9798624 The Dale, Aberford113DORQ Band A27 months26/05/2015 26/07/2017 3 Bed House
Wetherby9798729 Parsons Green, Walton Road63Band A13 months27/07/2016 26/07/2017 2 Bed House
Wortley985486 Tong Walk, Farnley126DORQ Band C27 months16/06/2015 30/08/2017 1 Bed Flat
Wortley9731767 Stonebridge Lane, Farnley168Band A13 months02/06/2016 14/06/2017 2 Bed House
Wortley9819142 Gamble Hill Grange, Bramley10Band A2 months27/06/2017 09/08/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Wortley9770613 Lytham Grove, Farnley98Band A11 months06/09/2016 12/07/2017 2 Bed House
Wortley978373 Gamble Hill Grange, Bramley52Band B6 months26/01/2017 19/07/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Wortley9820540 Heights Garth, Armley29DORQ Band C8 months20/12/2016 09/08/2017 2 Bed Flat
Wortley9760641 Gamble Hill Grange, Bramley41Band A4 months06/04/2017 05/07/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Wortley9758677 Gamble Hill Croft, Bramley35Band C38 months23/05/2014 05/07/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Wortley983285 Bangor Grove, Farnley63Band A9 months02/12/2016 16/08/2017 2 Bed House
Wortley987783 The Heights East, Armley0Direct Let1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Wortley9680322 Tong Walk, Farnley81Band A10 months17/08/2016 17/05/2017 1 Bed Flat
Wortley9718822 Whincover Road, Farnley204Band A11 months22/07/2016 07/06/2017 2 Bed House
Wortley9771221 Stonecliffe Green, Farnley135Band A8 months23/11/2016 12/07/2017 3 Bed House