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All bidding will finish on Monday 21/08/2017 at 5.00pm and will start again on Wednesday 23/08/2017
at 8.30am
Private Landlord Advertisements
Leeds Rental Standard
Leeds Homes advertises properties let by private landlords who are members of the Leeds Rental Standard (LRS). To view these properties Click Here.
The Plantation, Swarcliffe Drive, Leeds LS14 5AW
The PlantationLeeds City Council is pleased to announce the availability for re-letting of ths recently built 2 bedroom first floor flat.

For full details click here
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New Build Properties in Bramley
Summerfield GroveYorkshire Housing are delighted to offer three 3 bedroom semi-detached houses in Bramley.
Summerfield Grove Rent £126.95pw
Summerfield Grove Rent £124.19pw
Summerfield Grove Rent £133.38pw

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Lettings results

We publish lettings results to provide details of how many bids we have received for each property we have advertised.

We publish the priority band of each customer who has been offered one of our homes, except where a direct let has been made. The majority of homes are let to customers in the highest priority band who have held that priority for the longest time. Up to 25% of council homes are advertised in the date of registration quota (DORQ) where the property is let to the person with the earliest date of registration and a local connection to the area. The relevant dates for each category are shown in the column ‘Member's Registration Data/Priority Date’ below. The DORQ lettings indicate the customer’s date of registration and the priority band lettings indicate their date of their priority award.

This will help you to decide how best to use your bids. It also enables us to make our lettings fair and transparent.

Please bear in mind that individual property feedback is only added when a property has been let. This can be delayed considerably, for example, when extensive repairs are required or when the current tenant extends their notice period.

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Most recent letting results
Housing officeProperty refAddressNo. of BidsPriority of MemberMember's Waiting TimeMember's Registration Data/Priority DateDate AdvertisedProperty Type
Armley9578175 Wortley Heights, Armley63Band C15 months15/01/2016 15/03/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley9619696 Clyde Grange, Armley23Band B1 month04/04/2017 05/04/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley9626616 Burnsall Grange, Armley70Band C7 months28/09/2016 12/04/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley9665021 Raynville Grange, Bramley20Band A3 months28/02/2017 10/05/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley9687434 Westerly Rise, Armley18Band C5 months04/01/2017 24/05/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley974655 Clyde Court, Armley0Direct LetBedsit Multistorey
Beeston & Holbeck9708047 Cottingley Heights, Cottingley14DORQ Band C6 months09/12/2016 31/05/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Beeston & Holbeck9708319 Cardinal Crescent, Beeston97Band A7 months03/11/2016 31/05/2017 2 Bed Flat
Beeston & Holbeck9693461 Parkwood Crescent, Beeston164Band A10 months19/08/2016 24/05/2017 3 Bed House
Belle Isle969474 West Grange Green, Belle Isle173Band A8 months05/10/2016 24/05/2017 3 Bed House
Belle Isle9660531 Winrose Garth, Belle Isle139DORQ Band A13 months19/04/2016 03/05/2017 3 Bed House
Bramley9658816 Broadlea Hill, Bramley96DORQ Band B27 months23/02/2015 03/05/2017 3 Bed House
Bramley9693357 Summerfield Drive, Bramley73Band A14 months09/05/2016 14/06/2017 2 Bed Flat
Bramley9732763 Landseer Drive, Bramley47Band B7 months17/11/2016 14/06/2017 1 Bed Flat
Burmantofts97039168 Cromwell Heights, Lincoln Green176Band A6 months07/12/2016 31/05/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts9667777 Rigton Drive, Burmantofts92Band A2 months23/03/2017 10/05/2017 2 Bed Flat
Burmantofts9667956 Ferriby Towers, Lincoln Green134Band A17 months11/01/2016 10/05/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts9629212 Torre Gardens, Burmantofts169Band A10 months11/07/2016 12/04/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts9603350 Spalding Towers, Lincoln Green289Band A7 months28/09/2016 29/03/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts960886 Shakespeare Close, Burmantofts93Band A+1 month06/04/2017 05/04/2017 1 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet9633820 Leasowe Avenue, Hunslet163Band B24 months21/05/2015 26/04/2017 1 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet9709515 Midland Close, Hunslet131Band A13 months20/05/2016 31/05/2017 1 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet9693929 Northcote Green, Holbeck85DORQ Band C25 months08/05/2015 24/05/2017 1 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet9690333 Marlborough Grange, Park Lane59Band A6 months29/11/2016 24/05/2017 3 Bed Maisonette
Gipton9710123 Coldcotes Crescent, Gipton82Band A+3 months10/03/2017 31/05/2017 3 Bed House
Gipton9660121 Brander Street, Gipton77Band A12 months18/05/2016 03/05/2017 1 Bed Flat
Halton Moor & Osmondthorpe9626148 Esthwaite Gardens, Halton Moor242Band A12 months29/04/2016 12/04/2017 2 Bed House
Halton Moor & Osmondthorpe961655 Cartmell Drive, Halton Moor51Band B5 months28/11/2016 05/04/2017 1 Bed Flat
Halton Moor & Osmondthorpe9689233 Wykebeck Gardens, Osmondthorpe60DORQ Band B23 months22/07/2015 24/05/2017 2 Bed Flat
Horsforth9690934 Holtdale Way, Holt Park45Band A3 months28/02/2017 24/05/2017 1 Bed Flat
Horsforth9705917 Holtdale Avenue, Holt Park43Band B6 months20/12/2016 31/05/2017 Bedsit
Horsforth9667449 Broadgate Drive, Horsforth343Band A25 months06/05/2015 10/05/2017 3 Bed House
Horsforth978223 Wharfedale View, Chapel Lane0Direct Let1 Bed Flat
Kippax967398 Halliday Court, Garforth9Band A2 months10/04/2017 17/05/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Kippax971822 Highfield Crescent, Allerton Bywater52Band A+4 months01/03/2017 07/06/2017 Sheltered - 2 Bed Bung.
Kippax9689420 Victoria Street, Allerton Bywater22Band A2 months28/03/2017 24/05/2017 3 Bed Maisonette
Kirkstall96736166 Vesper Road, Kirkstall285Band A21 months08/09/2015 17/05/2017 3 Bed House
Kirkstall9714934 Hawkswood Crescent, Kirkstall161Band A+4 months03/03/2017 07/06/2017 3 Bed House
Kirkstall9713594 Latchmere Drive, West Park252Band A36 months24/06/2014 07/06/2017 2 Bed House
Kirkstall962088 St Matthias Street, Burley182DORQ Band C61 months20/04/2012 05/04/2017 2 Bed House
Little London9657011 Kings Avenue, Burley90Band C20 months29/09/2015 03/05/2017 2 Bed House
Meanwood9647472 Beckhill Avenue, Meanwood126Band A9 months22/08/2016 26/04/2017 1 Bed Flat
Meanwood9670026 Gledhow Towers, Gledhow84Band A14 months24/03/2016 10/05/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Meanwood9670122 Farm Hill Rise, Meanwood597Band A50 months05/04/2013 10/05/2017 3 Bed House
Meanwood9719231 Scott Hall Grove, Chapeltown277Band A+5 months09/01/2017 07/06/2017 3 Bed House
Meanwood9682022 Scott Hall Drive, Chapeltown48Band A4 months31/01/2017 17/05/2017 1 Bed Flat
Morley962772 Bank Avenue, Morley68Band A6 months29/10/2016 12/04/2017 2 Bed Flat
Pudsey9616615 Smalewell Close, Pudsey60Band A16 months23/12/2015 05/04/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Pudsey9731941 Wellstone Avenue, Swinnow39Band A6 months03/01/2017 14/06/2017 2 Bed Flat
Rothwell96120154 Westerton Road, Tingley156Band A10 months17/06/2016 05/04/2017 2 Bed House
Rothwell9605536 Castle Road, Rothwell42Band B17 months18/11/2015 29/03/2017 2 Bed Flat
Rothwell9702030 Leigh View, Tingley138Band A+2 months20/04/2017 31/05/2017 3 Bed House
Rothwell9768413 Third Avenue, Rothwell0Direct Let3 Bed House
Rothwell970643 Jumbles Lane, Lofthouse39Band C28 months17/02/2015 31/05/2017 1 Bed Flat
Seacroft North9677833 Barncroft Heights, Seacroft8Band B2 months04/04/2017 17/05/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Seacroft North9639767 Barncroft Road, Seacroft88Band A36 months10/06/2014 26/04/2017 3 Bed House
Seacroft South9643128 Moresdale Lane, Seacroft121DORQ Band A28 months15/01/2015 26/04/2017 4 Bed House plus
Seacroft South9657314 Tarnside Drive, Seacroft79Band A11 months23/06/2016 03/05/2017 2 Bed House
Seacroft South9715748 Parkway Towers, Seacroft19Band B2 months11/04/2017 07/06/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Seacroft South9741764 Parkway Grange, Seacroft13Band B11 months10/08/2016 21/06/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Swarcliffe9722211 Farndale Place, Whinmoor147DORQ Band C50 months14/05/2013 14/06/2017 1 Bed Flat
Swarcliffe968771 Red Hall Chase, Whinmoor255DORQ Band C41 months23/01/2014 24/05/2017 2 Bed House
Swarcliffe97001204 Swarcliffe Drive, Swarcliffe162Band A+7 months29/11/2016 31/05/2017 3 Bed House
Swarcliffe9639131 Baildon Close, Whinmoor126Band A23 months25/06/2015 26/04/2017 1 Bed Flat
Weetwood96705194 Tinshill Mount, Tinshill204Band A24 months02/06/2015 10/05/2017 3 Bed House
Weetwood96796207 Iveson Drive, Ireland Wood39Band A4 months02/02/2017 17/05/2017 2 Bed Flat
Wetherby969462 Freemans Way, Hallfield Lane132Band A9 months05/09/2016 24/05/2017 1 Bed House
Wetherby9719457 Belle Vue Road, Scholes87Band A+1 month09/06/2017 07/06/2017 Sheltered - 2 Bed Bung.
Wetherby9670316 Elmwood Lane, Barwick In Elmet59Band A7 months17/10/2016 10/05/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Bung.
Wetherby963007 Lingfield Mount, Moortown593Band A+11 months10/06/2016 12/04/2017 3 Bed House
Wortley9674190 Stonebridge Grove, Farnley97Band A6 months28/11/2016 17/05/2017 2 Bed House
Wortley9725614 Whingate Court, Armley26Band A1 month09/06/2017 14/06/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Wortley97294180 Butterbowl Drive, Farnley157Band A11 months11/08/2016 14/06/2017 3 Bed House
Wortley971613 The Heights West, Armley92Band A3 months03/04/2017 07/06/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Wortley9714875 Bawn Gardens, Farnley0Direct Let1 Bed Flat