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All bidding will finish on Monday 01/05/2017 at 5.00pm and will start again on Wednesday
03/05/2017 at 8:30am
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Lettings results

We publish lettings results to provide details of how many bids we have received for each property we have advertised.

We publish the priority band of each customer who has been offered one of our homes, except where a direct let has been made. The majority of homes are let to customers in the highest priority band who have held that priority for the longest time. Up to 25% of council homes are advertised in the date of registration quota (DORQ) where the property is let to the person with the earliest date of registration and a local connection to the area. The relevant dates for each category are shown in the column ‘Member's Registration Data/Priority Date’ below. The DORQ lettings indicate the customer’s date of registration and the priority band lettings indicate their date of their priority award.

This will help you to decide how best to use your bids. It also enables us to make our lettings fair and transparent.

Please bear in mind that individual property feedback is only added when a property has been let. This can be delayed considerably, for example, when extensive repairs are required or when the current tenant extends their notice period.

Please note. We are currently experiencing technical problems with our lettings results data and not all properties have been entered in line with our usual timescales. You may not find any search results for properties that have been let fairly recently. We are working to correct this issue and will remove this message when normal service is resumed.

Search for results by property reference or address.

Search letting results

Most recent letting results
Housing officeProperty refAddressNo. of BidsPriority of MemberMember's Waiting TimeMember's Registration Data/Priority DateDate AdvertisedProperty Type
Armley933947 Hereford Street, Armley51Band A5 months10/06/2016 02/11/2016 2 Bed House
Armley914313 Poplar Croft, Bramley68Band A15 months14/05/2015 20/07/2016 3 Bed House
Armley941238 Salisbury Terrace, Armley49Band A6 months14/07/2016 14/12/2016 2 Bed House
Armley938069 Barden Place, Armley75Band A4 months22/08/2016 30/11/2016 2 Bed House
Armley9412579 Poplar Court, Bramley12Band A2 months26/10/2016 14/12/2016 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley9346166 Raynville Crescent, Armley62Band A5 months14/06/2016 09/11/2016 3 Bed House
Armley9385912 Burnsall Gardens, Armley72Band A1 month05/12/2016 30/11/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley93971281 Armley Ridge Road, Armley87Band A5 months01/08/2016 07/12/2016 1 Bed Flat
Armley9411322 Aviary Mount, Armley107Band A4 months14/09/2016 14/12/2016 1 Bed House
Armley942914 Raynville Grange, Bramley5Band B8 months25/05/2016 21/12/2016 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley9386020 Poplar Rise, Bramley177DORQ Band C42 months19/07/2013 30/11/2016 3 Bed House
Armley9424724 Raynville Court, Bramley51Band A5 months29/07/2016 21/12/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley9374524 Clyde Court, Armley64Band B2 months30/09/2016 23/11/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley9374633 Wyther Park Hill, Armley45Band A4 months18/08/2016 23/11/2016 3 Bed House
Armley9425445 Raynville Court, Bramley11DORQ Band B14 months19/11/2015 21/12/2016 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley9323315 Clyde Court, Armley50Band B38 months23/09/2013 26/10/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Armley945308 Fearnley Place, Armley31Band A12 months04/02/2016 11/01/2017 1/2 Bed Flat
Armley935978 Clyde Grange, Armley54Band B7 months27/04/2016 16/11/2016 Bedsit Multistorey
Armley9415938 Musgrave Bank, Bramley269DORQ Band A234 months06/10/1997 14/12/2016 2 Bed House
Armley9359812 Poplar Green, Bramley198Band A+1 month16/11/2016 16/11/2016 2 Bed House
Armley947342 Whingate Court, Armley0Direct LetSheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Beeston & Holbeck9501221A Atha Street, Cross Flatts0Direct Let3 Bed House
Belle Isle9375185 Winrose Hill, Belle Isle97Band A6 months20/06/2016 23/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Belle Isle9414739 Low Grange Crescent, Belle Isle146DORQ Band C23 months30/01/2015 14/12/2016 3 Bed House
Belle Isle9402447 Belle Isle Circus, Belle Isle100Band A3 months16/09/2016 07/12/2016 1 Bed Flat
Belle Isle936446 Rosedale Walk, Belle Isle224Band A14 months23/10/2015 16/11/2016 2 Bed House
Belle Isle938816 Broom View, Belle Isle49Band A7 months19/05/2016 30/11/2016 2 Bed House
Belle Isle9357597 Winrose Approach, Belle Isle105Band A8 months31/03/2016 16/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Belle Isle9374724 Winrose Grove, Belle Isle110Band A5 months26/07/2016 23/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Belle Isle935335 Aberfield Rise, Belle Isle41Band A2 months12/10/2016 16/11/2016 2 Bed Flat
Belle Isle940256 Newhall Green, Belle Isle185Band A17 months11/08/2015 07/12/2016 2 Bed House
Belle Isle943677 Nesfield Gardens, Belle Isle144Band A31 months18/07/2014 04/01/2017 3 Bed House
Belle Isle93879307 Belle Isle Road, Belle Isle216Band A12 months15/12/2015 30/11/2016 2 Bed House
Belle Isle943185 West Grange Close, Belle Isle73Band A3 months30/09/2016 21/12/2016 1 Bed Flat
Belle Isle9434018 Lanshaw Crescent, Belle Isle176Band A33 months09/05/2014 04/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Belle Isle9431971 Broom Terrace, Belle Isle204Band A11 months19/02/2016 21/12/2016 2 Bed House
Belle Isle94149113 Aberfield Drive, Belle Isle24DORQ Band B16 months01/09/2015 14/12/2016 2 Bed Flat
Belle Isle9415025 East Grange Rise, Belle Isle45Band A4 months06/09/2016 14/12/2016 1 Bed Flat
Belle Isle9414378 Winrose Hill, Belle Isle244Band A10 months11/03/2016 14/12/2016 3 Bed House
Bramley94229209 Leeds And Bradford Road, Bramley129Band A2 months01/12/2016 04/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Bramley9416327 Landseer Road, Bramley57Band A5 months23/08/2016 04/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Bramley9422388 Landseer Drive, Bramley50Band A5 months28/07/2016 21/12/2016 2 Bed Maisonette
Bramley9454140 Snowden Royd, Bramley93Band A+3 months31/10/2016 11/01/2017 3 Bed House
Bramley9435432 Bellmount Close, Bramley40Band B28 months07/10/2014 04/01/2017 1/2 Bed Flat
Bramley9435546 Rossefield Approach, Bramley34DORQ Band B6 months21/07/2016 11/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Bramley94518202 Calverley Lane, Bramley52Band A11 months16/03/2016 11/01/2017 3 Bed House
Bramley9432964 Wellington Gardens, Bramley35Band B4 months06/10/2016 04/01/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Bramley9430541 Fernbank Avenue, Bramley76Band A3 months30/09/2016 21/12/2016 1/2 Bed Flat
Bramley9347444 St Catherines Drive, Bramley145Band A16 months03/08/2015 09/11/2016 2 Bed House
Bramley9408447 Wellington Gardens, Bramley38Band A+1 month18/11/2016 14/12/2016 Sheltered - 2 Bed Flat
Bramley9347223 Fairfield Close, Bramley34Band B7 months19/04/2016 09/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Bramley9406517 Broadlea Place, Bramley138Band A11 months27/01/2016 14/12/2016 2 Bed House
Bramley9394414 Granhamthorpe, Bramley123Band A4 months06/09/2016 07/12/2016 1 Bed Flat
Bramley931105 Cardigan Green, Bramley480Band A11 months19/10/2015 07/09/2016 2 Bed House
Bramley9421151 Bath Lane, Bramley123Band A8 months23/05/2016 21/12/2016 1 Bed Flat
Bramley9347357 Broadlea Crescent, Bramley37DORQ Band C18 months27/05/2015 09/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Bramley9454516 Summerfield Place, Bramley130Band A18 months06/08/2015 11/01/2017 2 Bed House
Bramley9440619 Fairfield Crescent, Bramley125Band A13 months08/01/2016 11/01/2017 2 Bed House
Bramley9422417 Fernbank Close, Bramley294Band A+11 months23/02/2016 04/01/2017 2 Bed House
Bramley922991 Cardigan Green, Bramley480Band B2 months14/07/2016 07/09/2016 2 Bed House
Bramley938537A Fairfield Hill, Bramley202DORQ Band A30 months08/07/2014 30/11/2016 2 Bed House
Bramley94353106 Broadlea Terrace, Bramley72DORQ Band A7 months01/07/2016 04/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Bramley9367219A Broadlea Road, Bramley0Direct Let3 Bed House
Bramley9369514 Bellmount Close, Bramley227Band A20 months30/04/2015 23/11/2016 1/2 Bed House
Bramley9366017 Snowden Way, Bramley70Band A4 months25/08/2016 23/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Bramley9361535 Church Hill Green, Stanningley20DORQ Band B16 months30/07/2015 16/11/2016 1/2 Bed Flat
Bramley9337066 Snowden Royd, Bramley72Band A1 month20/10/2016 02/11/2016 3 Bed House
Bramley936518 Granhamthorpe, Bramley73DORQ Band C25 months02/12/2014 23/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Burmantofts9329758 Marston Mount, Lincoln Green181Band A4 months03/08/2016 02/11/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts9321732 Lincoln Towers, Lincoln Green164Band A4 months07/07/2016 26/10/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts9356725 Torre Hill, Harehills244Band A15 months09/09/2015 16/11/2016 3 Bed House
Burmantofts9480240 Lindsey Mount, Burmantofts195Band A9 months20/05/2016 25/01/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts936247 Lindsey Mount, Burmantofts105Band A2 months12/10/2016 16/11/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts9398345 Saville Green, Burmantofts108Band A11 months19/01/2016 07/12/2016 1 Bed MSF plus
Burmantofts93989125 Osmondthorpe Lane, Osmondthorpe271Band A15 months09/10/2015 07/12/2016 2 Bed House
Burmantofts9357682 Nowell Mount, Harehills55Band A8 months19/04/2016 16/11/2016 2 Bed Flat
Burmantofts9415246 Lincoln Towers, Lincoln Green103Band A4 months18/08/2016 14/12/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts944114 Lindsey Mount, Burmantofts104Band A5 months23/08/2016 04/01/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts9252219 St Hildas Crescent, Cross Green110Band A12 months21/10/2015 21/09/2016 4 Bed House
Burmantofts9423238 Glensdale Grove, East End Park53Band A4 months14/09/2016 21/12/2016 2 Bed House
Burmantofts9412621 Appleton Court, Burmantofts202Band A7 months16/06/2016 14/12/2016 1 Bed MSF plus
Burmantofts9401012 Haslewood Green, Burmantofts88Band A4 months01/09/2016 07/12/2016 3 Bed Flat
Burmantofts9356012 Temple View Grove, East End Park152DORQ Band A31 months07/05/2014 16/11/2016 3 Bed House
Burmantofts9398460 Brignall Croft, Burmantofts115DORQ Band B56 months04/05/2012 07/12/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts936864 Shakespeare Close, Guiseley0Direct LetSheltered - 1 Bed Bung.
Burmantofts9441422 Stoney Rock Court, Burmantofts0Direct LetSheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Burmantofts9383545 Brignall Croft, Burmantofts236Band A9 months31/03/2016 30/11/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts94011102 Cromwell Heights, Lincoln Green112DORQ Band C23 months12/02/2015 07/12/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts9398263 Gargrave Court, Burmantofts137Band A2 months10/10/2016 07/12/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts9290532 Naseby Grange, Burmantofts90Band B2 months01/09/2016 12/10/2016 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts9412918 Torre Gardens, Burmantofts176Band A2 months18/10/2016 14/12/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts9383160 Roxby Close, Lincoln Green44Band C6 months16/06/2016 30/11/2016 3 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts9428512 The Lane, Saxton Gardens44Band C9 months07/04/2016 21/12/2016 3 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts9436644 Lincoln Towers, Lincoln Green215DORQ Band B32 months11/06/2014 04/01/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts9436868 Naseby Grange, Burmantofts110Band C12 months13/01/2016 04/01/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts9451130 Brignall Garth, Burmantofts171Band A11 months01/03/2016 11/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Burmantofts9356536 Boston Towers, Lincoln Green82Band A3 months08/09/2016 16/11/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts9369358 Appleton Close, Burmantofts180DORQ Band B45 months22/03/2013 23/11/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts9383610 St Stephens Road, Burmantofts63Band A19 months15/05/2015 30/11/2016 2 Bed Flat
Burmantofts9304392 Nowell Mount, Harehills63DORQ Band C14 months16/09/2015 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
Burmantofts9412894 Naseby Grange, Burmantofts79Band B23 months26/01/2015 14/12/2016 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts9398514 Torre Gardens, Burmantofts116Band A4 months11/08/2016 07/12/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
City & Hunslet94976FLAT 79, Bismarck Street221Band A2 months14/09/2016 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet92789FLAT 73, Bismarck Street243Band A2 months02/09/2016 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet94712FLAT 95, Bismarck Street221Band A13 months20/10/2015 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet94708FLAT 89, Bismarck Street221Band A12 months19/11/2015 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet94586FLAT 83, Bismarck Street221Band A8 months25/02/2016 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet92788FLAT 97, Bismarck Street255Band A16 months22/07/2015 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet94780FLAT 85, Bismarck Street221Band A9 months25/01/2016 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet94594FLAT 81, Bismarck Street221Band A12 months12/11/2015 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet94627FLAT 105, Bismarck Street221Band C23 months16/12/2014 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet94628FLAT 101, Bismarck Street221Band B9 months12/02/2016 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet92785FLAT 75, Bismarck Street213Band C8 months16/03/2016 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet94591FLAT 87, Bismarck Street221Band C38 months02/10/2013 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet94727FLAT 93, Bismarck Street221Band C3 months01/08/2016 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet92786FLAT 99, Bismarck Street307Band B12 months12/11/2015 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
Dewsbury Road9427312 Bismarck Street, Beeston176Band B11 months17/02/2016 21/12/2016 3 Bed House
Dewsbury Road9387535 Malvern Rise, Holbeck140DORQ Band C56 months11/05/2012 30/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Dewsbury Road9441946 Cottingley Towers, Cottingley16DORQ Band A5 months22/08/2016 04/01/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Dewsbury Road948475 Longroyd Avenue, Holbeck70Band A6 months03/08/2016 25/01/2017 2 Bed House
Dewsbury Road9427522 Rocheford Close, Hunslet122Band A6 months21/07/2016 21/12/2016 1 Bed Flat
Dewsbury Road9281123 Tremont Gardens, Hunslet0Direct Let4 Bed House
Dewsbury Road924324 Northcote Green, Holbeck84Band A3 months08/07/2016 14/09/2016 1 Bed Flat
Dewsbury Road9408865 Cottingley Drive, Cottingley78Band A+6 months14/07/2016 14/12/2016 1/2 Bed House
Dewsbury Road9411517 Balm Walk, Holbeck85Band A49 months04/01/2013 14/12/2016 1 Bed Flat
Dewsbury Road9399127 Crosby Terrace, Holbeck51Band A5 months22/07/2016 07/12/2016 2 Bed House
Dewsbury Road9368430 Shafton Lane, Holbeck79DORQ Band C22 months23/02/2015 23/11/2016 1/2 Bed Flat
Dewsbury Road9399218 Colenso Road, Holbeck37DORQ Band C16 months27/08/2015 07/12/2016 2 Bed House
Dewsbury Road9381628 Ring Road, Beeston153Band A8 months27/04/2016 30/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Dewsbury Road9422717 Sussex Green, Hunslet163Band A18 months21/07/2015 21/12/2016 2 Bed House
Dewsbury Road894119 Dulverton Square, Cottingley18Band B1 month17/03/2016 06/04/2016 3 Bed House
Dewsbury Road94196143 Cottingley Towers, Cottingley52Band A9 months08/04/2016 21/12/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Dewsbury Road9281049 Nineveh Gardens, Holbeck48Band A+3 months20/07/2016 05/10/2016 1/2 Bed Flat
Dewsbury Road9406835 Rocheford Gardens, Hunslet47Band A12 months23/12/2015 14/12/2016 1/2 Bed Flat
Dewsbury Road9434755 Parkwood Crescent, Beeston137Band B2 months29/11/2016 04/01/2017 3 Bed House
Dewsbury Road936346 Cleveleys Avenue, Holbeck101Band A7 months22/04/2016 16/11/2016 1 Bed House
Dewsbury Road9387343A Garnet Terrace, Holbeck70DORQ Band C38 months13/11/2013 30/11/2016 2 Bed House
Dewsbury Road9367627 Beeston Park Terrace, Beeston148Band A12 months04/12/2015 23/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Dewsbury Road92779FLAT 11, Bismarck Drive406Band B19 months09/04/2015 05/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
Dewsbury Road94580FLAT 17, Bismarck Drive406Band A1 month14/09/2016 05/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
Dewsbury Road9337442 Northcote Green, Holbeck72DORQ Band C18 months14/05/2015 02/11/2016 1/2 Bed House
Dewsbury Road92783FLAT 27, Bismarck Drive283Band C16 months29/06/2015 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
Dewsbury Road92780FLAT 25, Bismarck Drive306Band A11 months24/11/2015 05/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
Dewsbury Road94500FLAT 29, Bismarck Drive406Band C25 months25/09/2014 05/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
Dewsbury Road94626FLAT 31, Bismarck Drive406Band B8 months22/02/2016 05/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
Dewsbury Road94597FLAT 35, Bismarck Drive283Band C15 months19/08/2015 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
Dewsbury Road94510FLAT 19, Bismarck Drive306Band C11 months20/11/2015 05/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
Dewsbury Road94506FLAT 15, Bismarck Drive406Band B6 months27/04/2016 05/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
Dewsbury Road94502FLAT 23, Bismarck Drive283Band C4 months29/06/2016 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
Dewsbury Road94501FLAT 33, Bismarck Drive306Band C17 months10/06/2015 05/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
Dewsbury Road9351122 Rowland Place, Holbeck107Band A8 months30/03/2016 16/11/2016 4 Bed House
Dewsbury Road94014FLAT 17 Temple Garth, Holbeck307Band A4 months02/09/2016 14/12/2016 2 Bed Flat
Dewsbury Road9380836 Balmoral Chase, Hunslet193DORQ Band C28 months01/09/2014 30/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Dewsbury Road941356 Sunbeam Avenue, Holbeck54Band A6 months01/07/2016 14/12/2016 1 Bed Bungalow
Dewsbury Road9443237 Rocheford Gardens, Hunslet74Band A13 months23/12/2015 04/01/2017 1/2 Bed Flat
Dewsbury Road93807130 Cottingley Heights, Cottingley56Band A2 months03/10/2016 30/11/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Dewsbury Road9382021 Rocheford Grove, Hunslet108Band A13 months24/11/2015 30/11/2016 2 Bed House
Dewsbury Road943271 Sunbeam Place, Holbeck78Band A13 months16/12/2015 04/01/2017 1 Bed Bungalow
Dewsbury Road9465720 Royal Court, Hunslet0Direct Let4 Bed House
Dewsbury Road939965 Arthington Court, Hunslet39Band B5 months11/07/2016 07/12/2016 Sheltered - Bedsit
Dewsbury Road9368947 Moor Crescent Chase, Holbeck129Band A9 months24/03/2016 23/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Dewsbury Road9418171 Garnet Grove, Holbeck65Band A6 months27/06/2016 21/12/2016 2 Bed House
Gipton9457723 St Augustines Court, Harehills52Band A3 months31/10/2016 11/01/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Gipton9412134 Darfield Street, Harehills105Band A7 months27/05/2016 14/12/2016 2 Bed House
Gipton936576 Scott Hall Drive, Chapeltown0Direct Let1 Bed Flat
Gipton9399864 Oak Tree Crescent, Gipton89Band A6 months20/06/2016 07/12/2016 1 Bed Flat
Gipton9433421 Conway Place, Harehills140Band A8 months26/05/2016 04/01/2017 2 Bed House
Gipton9406464 Beech Mount, Gipton70DORQ Band C25 months28/11/2014 14/12/2016 1 Bed Flat
Gipton942582 Easterly Square, Gipton276DORQ Band A47 months14/02/2013 21/12/2016 2 Bed House
Gipton94106280 Oakwood Lane, Roundhay93Band A4 months01/09/2016 14/12/2016 1 Bed Flat
Gipton93678111 South Farm Road, Gipton96DORQ Band C28 months27/08/2014 23/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Gipton9368785 Gipton Gate East, Gipton28Band C7 months03/05/2016 23/11/2016 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Gipton93510113 North Farm Road, Gipton90Band A2 months26/09/2016 16/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Gipton9368517 St Wilfrids Circus, Gipton105Band A+5 months13/07/2016 23/11/2016 4 Bed House
Gipton9466042 Denbigh Heights, Gipton0Direct Let2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Gipton9383421 Conway Grove, Harehills77Band A4 months03/08/2016 30/11/2016 2 Bed House
Gipton9421897 St Wilfrids Avenue, Gipton275Band A15 months30/09/2015 21/12/2016 3 Bed House
Gipton9381122 Brander Close, Gipton202DORQ Band C59 months23/02/2012 30/11/2016 2 Bed House
Gipton9399045 Brander Street, Gipton144Band A10 months24/02/2016 07/12/2016 3 Bed House
Gipton9356617 Florence Mount, Burmantofts73Band A3 months02/09/2016 16/11/2016 2 Bed House
Gipton936645 Lascelles Mount, Harehills84Band A4 months25/08/2016 23/11/2016 2 Bed House
Gipton9410411 Pembroke Towers, Gipton23Band B2 months01/11/2016 14/12/2016 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Gipton938227 Cowper Terrace, Harehills83Band A5 months06/07/2016 30/11/2016 2 Bed House
Gipton9367012 Brander Drive, Gipton148Band A+1 month17/11/2016 23/11/2016 3 Bed House
Gipton9415131 Foundry Avenue, Harehills74Band A11 months21/01/2016 14/12/2016 1 Bed Flat
Gipton9369036 Brecon Rise, Gipton23Band C3 months22/09/2016 23/11/2016 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Gipton940031 Briarsdale Court, Gipton52Band B15 months07/10/2015 07/12/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Gipton9421010 Amberton Crescent, Gipton316Band A16 months01/09/2015 21/12/2016 2 Bed House
Horsforth93614109A Meagill Rise, Weston Estate71Band A7 months11/05/2016 16/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Horsforth9450315B Weston Drive, Weston Estate24Band A17 months21/08/2015 11/01/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Horsforth942611 Springwell Close, Yeadon67Band A17 months27/08/2015 21/12/2016 1 Bed House
Horsforth9440123 Holtdale Drive, Holt Park68Band A5 months09/08/2016 04/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Horsforth9440318 Wayland Approach, Adel29Band A1 month22/12/2016 04/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Horsforth9310129 Henshaw Crescent, Yeadon149Band A+1 month19/10/2016 26/10/2016 2 Bed House
Horsforth937186 Adel Wood Drive, Adel267DORQ Band A64 months12/09/2011 23/11/2016 1/2 Bed House
Horsforth93616Flat 5, 2 Regent Close82Band A9 months21/03/2016 16/11/2016 2 Bed Flat
Horsforth9385852 Hawthorn Road, Yeadon116Band A4 months17/08/2016 30/11/2016 1 Bed Bungalow
Horsforth9403091 Broadgate Drive, Horsforth39Band A4 months23/08/2016 07/12/2016 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Horsforth93225122 High Street, Yeadon116Band A15 months06/08/2015 26/10/2016 1 Bed Bungalow
Horsforth925561 Myers Croft, Station Road49Band B14 months18/08/2015 21/09/2016 Sheltered - 1 Bed Bung.
Horsforth93715Flat 1, 33 Featherbank Lane95Band A18 months24/06/2015 23/11/2016 2 Bed Flat
Horsforth936772 Myers Croft, Station Road79Band A8 months08/04/2016 23/11/2016 Sheltered - 1 Bed Bung.
Horsforth9425993 Broadgate Drive, Horsforth39Band C8 months18/05/2016 21/12/2016 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Horsforth92898103 King George Road, Horsforth181Band A20 months16/03/2015 12/10/2016 3 Bed House
Horsforth942358 Greenlea Avenue, Yeadon90Band A15 months23/10/2015 21/12/2016 1 Bed Flat
Horsforth93752Flat 2, 4 Regent Crescent173Band A20 months29/04/2015 30/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Horsforth9426228 Holtdale Close, Holt Park123Band A17 months24/08/2015 21/12/2016 1 Bed Flat
Horsforth9371762 Holtdale Avenue, Holt Park85DORQ Band B33 months08/04/2014 23/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Horsforth9440528 Hawthorn Road, Yeadon0Direct Let3 Bed House
Horsforth9344733 Holtdale Gardens, Holt Park174Band A22 months05/02/2015 09/11/2016 3 Bed House
Horsforth9488446 Wharfedale View, Chapel Lane0Direct Let1 Bed Flat
Horsforth9361916 Holtdale View, Holt Park93Band A5 months20/06/2016 16/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Horsforth9371954 Hawthorn Road, Yeadon122Band A11 months27/01/2016 23/11/2016 1 Bed Bungalow
Horsforth93458Flat 1, 6 Regent Close99Band A11 months29/12/2015 09/11/2016 2 Bed Flat
Horsforth94033Flat 23 Broadfields, Horsforth32Band A7 months06/06/2016 07/12/2016 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Horsforth9392354 Alexandra Road, Horsforth177Band A22 months27/02/2015 07/12/2016 2 Bed House
Horsforth9440457 Greenlea Avenue, Yeadon193Band A30 months30/07/2014 04/01/2017 2 Bed House
Kippax9441533 Halliday Court, Garforth10Band B5 months17/08/2016 04/01/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Kippax9387125 Churchville Drive, Micklefield24Band B1 month30/11/2016 30/11/2016 Sheltered - 1 Bed Bung.
Kippax9409916 The Link, Swillington45Band B15 months03/10/2015 14/12/2016 Sheltered - 1 Bed Bungalow
Kippax9371471 Church Lane, Swillington42Band A6 months31/05/2016 23/11/2016 Sheltered - 1 Bed Bungalow
Kippax9410144 Halliday Court, Garforth7Band A3 months20/09/2016 14/12/2016 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Kippax9442127 Garden House Close, Methley10Band B14 months16/11/2015 04/01/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Kippax9422117 Springwell Avenue, Swillington66Band A11 months10/02/2016 21/12/2016 2 Bed Flat
Kippax944477 Well Close, Great Preston63Band A17 months01/09/2015 04/01/2017 2 Bed House
Kippax9412212 Church Close, Swillington48Band B4 months05/09/2016 14/12/2016 Sheltered - 1 Bed Bungalow
Kippax936109 Brigshaw Drive, Allerton Bywater54Band A4 months09/08/2016 16/11/2016 Sheltered - 2 Bed Bung.
Kippax9477423 Cross Hills Court, Kippax7Band C2 months08/11/2016 04/01/2017 Sheltered - Bedsit
Kippax9386821 Mount Pleasant Gardens, Kippax7DORQ Band C10 months02/03/2016 30/11/2016 Bedsit
Kippax9431418 Cross Hills Court, Kippax8Band A2 months25/10/2016 07/12/2016 Sheltered - Bedsit
Kippax937062 Glencoe Gardens, Kippax29Band A6 months31/05/2016 23/11/2016 1/2 Bed Flat
Kippax9410234 Ringway, Garforth94Band A5 months22/07/2016 14/12/2016 Sheltered - 2 Bed Bung.
Kippax9411712 Halliday Road, Garforth28Band A3 months27/09/2016 14/12/2016 2 Bed Maisonette
Kippax9249527 Church Gardens, Garforth34Band A26 months20/08/2014 21/09/2016 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Kirkstall9410960 Norman Towers, West Park53Band A2 months04/11/2016 14/12/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Kirkstall945539 Beevers Court, Ireland Wood48Band A6 months21/07/2016 11/01/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Kirkstall942419 Spen Walk, West Park68Band A4 months01/09/2016 21/12/2016 2 Bed Flat
Kirkstall9455012 Grayson Crest, Kirkstall131Band A8 months19/05/2016 11/01/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Kirkstall94460156 Lea Farm Road, Kirkstall82Band A11 months23/03/2016 18/01/2017 2 Bed Flat
Kirkstall9409444 Beevers Court, Ireland Wood37Band A1 month13/12/2016 14/12/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Kirkstall9425128 Norman Towers, West Park37Band A6 months20/07/2016 21/12/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Kirkstall942775 Norman Towers, West Park38Band B36 months20/01/2014 21/12/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Kirkstall9344234 Tinshill Crescent, Tinshill109Band A8 months07/04/2016 09/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Kirkstall9351229 Meanwood Valley Drive, Meanwood0Direct Let2 Bed Bungalow
Kirkstall9374010 Vesper Terrace, Kirkstall223DORQ Band A42 months24/06/2013 23/11/2016 1 Bed House
Kirkstall9410012 Clayton Grange, West Park17Band C14 months19/11/2015 14/12/2016 3 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Kirkstall9362875 Gilbert Close, Kirkstall126Band A2 months05/10/2016 16/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Kirkstall9379612 St Matthias Court, Burley35Band C1 month10/11/2016 30/11/2016 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Kirkstall9409614 Iveson Gardens, Ireland Wood28Band A3 months13/10/2016 14/12/2016 3 Bed Maisonette
Kirkstall9377659 Moor Grange Court, West Park14Band C11 months18/01/2016 30/11/2016 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Kirkstall93143114 Tinshill Mount, Tinshill207DORQ Band B130 months06/03/2006 26/10/2016 3 Bed House
Kirkstall9373922 Gilbert Close, Kirkstall213Band A5 months28/06/2016 23/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Kirkstall9399410 Queenswood Court, Headingley17Band A2 months31/10/2016 14/12/2016 Sheltered - 2 Bed MSF
Kirkstall93085101 Lea Farm Road, Kirkstall205Band A18 months28/05/2015 19/10/2016 2 Bed House
Kirkstall9411214 Stanmore Mount, Kirkstall133Band A5 months08/08/2016 14/12/2016 3 Bed House
Kirkstall9435256 Latchmere Drive, West Park176Band A22 months23/03/2015 04/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Kirkstall940986 Cragside Mount, Kirkstall168Band A27 months28/09/2014 14/12/2016 3 Bed House
Kirkstall9409536 Beevers Court, Ireland Wood38Band A39 months02/10/2013 14/12/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Kirkstall9435624 Spen Crescent, West Park143DORQ Band A17 months08/09/2015 04/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Kirkstall9443840 Norman Towers, West Park40Band B18 months24/07/2015 04/01/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Kirkstall9455674 Latchmere View, West Park339Band A+27 months12/11/2014 11/01/2017 2 Bed House
Kirkstall9413359 Lea Farm Drive, Kirkstall218Band A30 months30/06/2014 14/12/2016 2 Bed House
Kirkstall9409777 Gilbert Close, Kirkstall161DORQ Band C30 months23/07/2014 14/12/2016 1 Bed Flat
Little London934518 Lovell Park Court, Sheepscar52Band A+1 month13/10/2016 09/11/2016 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Little London9459223 Holborn Walk, Woodhouse119Band A46 months03/04/2013 14/12/2016 4 Bed House
Little London931925 Carlton Close, Sheepscar132Band A9 months17/02/2016 26/10/2016 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Little London9457631 Carlton Croft, Sheepscar84Band A2 months05/12/2016 11/01/2017 Sheltered - 2 Bed MSF
Little London9304115 Lovell Park Hill, Sheepscar279Band A24 months31/10/2014 19/10/2016 2 Bed House
Little London9382324 Carlton Croft, Sheepscar52Band C1 month02/11/2016 30/11/2016 Sheltered - 1 Bed MSF
Little London9400218 Carlton Grove, Sheepscar168Band A11 months11/02/2016 07/12/2016 1 Bed Flat
Little London9396522 Consort Terrace, Woodhouse150Band A28 months01/09/2014 07/12/2016 3 Bed House
Little London932915 Holborn View, Woodhouse174Band A28 months11/08/2014 02/11/2016 Bedsit
Little London938303 Carberry Terrace, Burley140Band A6 months14/06/2016 30/11/2016 2 Bed House
Little London93293Flat E 6 Blenheim Square, Woodhouse212Band A12 months16/11/2015 02/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Little London925095 Howden Place, Burley286Band A12 months15/10/2015 21/09/2016 2 Bed House
Little London9183323 Eltham Gardens, Woodhouse0Direct Let2 Bed House
Little London937979 Blenheim View, Woodhouse97Band B5 months14/07/2016 30/11/2016 1/2 Bed Flat
Little London9379819 Oatland Heights, Sheepscar160Band A14 months15/10/2015 30/11/2016 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Meanwood9497712 Hamilton Place, Chapeltown1DORQ Band A45 months22/04/2013 21/12/2016 3 Bed House
Meanwood9447115 Larkhill View, Gledhow0Direct Let1 Bed Flat
Middleton94945101 Sissons Terrace, Middleton0Direct Let2 Bed House
Middleton9429614 Thorpe Grove, Middleton238Band A12 months04/01/2016 21/12/2016 2 Bed House
Middleton94536218 Middleton Ring Road, Belle Isle212DORQ Band C42 months30/08/2013 11/01/2017 2 Bed House
Middleton9405516 Middleton Park Court, Middleton33Band A3 months16/09/2016 07/12/2016 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Middleton940299 Sissons Terrace, Middleton36Band A+2 months11/10/2016 07/12/2016 2 Bed Flat
Middleton9355233 Manor Farm Green, Middleton181Band A53 months13/07/2012 16/11/2016 2 Bed House
Middleton940128 Sissons Drive, Middleton173Band A+5 months16/07/2016 07/12/2016 3 Bed House
Middleton9373815 Manor Farm Close, Middleton116DORQ Band C36 months02/01/2014 23/11/2016 1 Bed House
Middleton934563 Helston Road, Middleton275Band A13 months09/11/2015 09/11/2016 2 Bed House
Middleton9444444 Throstle Terrace, Middleton245Band A36 months24/01/2014 04/01/2017 2 Bed House
Middleton94091170 Sissons Road, Middleton53Band A4 months13/09/2016 14/12/2016 2 Bed Flat
Middleton945401 Throstle Lane, Middleton175Band A+4 months05/10/2016 11/01/2017 2 Bed House
Middleton94284176 Sissons Road, Middleton86Band A3 months06/10/2016 21/12/2016 2 Bed Flat
Middleton93742215 Sissons Road, Middleton106Band A9 months09/03/2016 23/11/2016 3 Bed House
Middleton9398614 Throstle Hill, Middleton234DORQ Band B32 months20/05/2014 07/12/2016 2 Bed House
Moortown93849126 Spencer Place, Chapeltown157Band A40 months30/08/2013 30/11/2016 3 Bed House
Moortown9360388 Alderton Heights, Moortown61Band B14 months14/10/2015 16/11/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Moortown944278 Fieldhouse Walk, Moortown67Band A+6 months27/07/2016 04/01/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Bung.
Moortown9415525 Lingfield View, Moortown55Band A7 months16/06/2016 14/12/2016 1/2 Bed Flat
Moortown94141Flat B 17 Hamilton Avenue, Chapeltown88Band A6 months29/06/2016 14/12/2016 1 Bed Flat
Moortown9467418 Queenshill Garth, Moortown0Direct Let1 Bed Flat
Moortown9393997 Alderton Heights, Moortown29Band C14 months19/10/2015 07/12/2016 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Moortown9358722 Lingfield Bank, Moortown57DORQ Band B50 months15/10/2012 16/11/2016 2 Bed Flat
Moortown9414246 Leopold Street, Chapeltown114Band A4 months18/08/2016 14/12/2016 1 Bed Flat
Moortown9354334 Lingfield Gate, Moortown0Direct Let2 Bed House
Moortown9479241 Scotland Wood Road, Moortown0Direct Let2 Bed House
Moortown9397444 Carrfield Road, Barwick In Elmet63Band A6 months28/06/2016 07/12/2016 Sheltered - 1 Bed Bungalow
Moortown94652116 Fieldhouse Drive, Moortown0Direct Let1 Bed Flat
Moortown9265139 Montagu Road, Hallfield Lane130Band A9 months12/01/2016 28/09/2016 2 Bed House
Moortown9394134 Lingfield View, Moortown57Band A5 months28/07/2016 07/12/2016 2 Bed Flat
Moortown9325525 Beckhill Approach, Meanwood124Band A19 months20/04/2015 26/10/2016 4 Bed House
Moortown93371Flat A Hillside, 300 Gledhow Lane36Band A15 months25/08/2015 02/11/2016 2 Bed Flat
Moortown9360447 Newton Lodge Drive, Chapel Allerton401DORQ Band B129 months25/04/2006 16/11/2016 2 Bed House
Moortown9358412 Carrfield Drive, Barwick In Elmet48Band A2 months23/09/2016 16/11/2016 Sheltered - 1 Bed Bung.
Moortown9372239 Lincombe Drive, Gledhow169Band A33 months10/03/2014 23/11/2016 2 Bed House
Moortown9400632 Lingfield Crescent, Moortown46Band A6 months28/06/2016 07/12/2016 2 Bed Flat
Moortown9358327 West Avenue, Boston Spa77Band A+7 months22/04/2016 16/11/2016 2 Bed Bungalow
Moortown9400542 Lingfield View, Moortown47DORQ Band A12 months23/12/2015 07/12/2016 2 Bed Flat
Moortown941366 Moat End, Thorner25Band C1 month29/11/2016 14/12/2016 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Moortown9450518 Moorhaven Court, Moortown48Band C8 months09/06/2016 11/01/2017 Sheltered - Bedsit
Moortown9443032 York Road, North Street51Band C7 months17/06/2016 04/01/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed House
Moortown93865119 Alderton Heights, Moortown21Band C5 months28/07/2016 30/11/2016 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Moortown94693129 Shadwell Lane, Moortown230Band A88 months23/11/2009 18/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Moortown94009Flat B 105 Harehills Lane, Chapeltown98Band A4 months12/08/2016 07/12/2016 1 Bed Flat
Moortown9292142 Potternewton Crescent, Meanwood363Band A21 months17/02/2015 12/10/2016 2 Bed House
Moortown9379054 Alderton Heights, Moortown103Band A3 months23/09/2016 30/11/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Moortown935893 Deanswood Close, Moortown154Band A10 months22/01/2016 16/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Moortown9359114 Black Moor Road, Moortown386Band A+6 months29/05/2016 16/11/2016 2 Bed House
Moortown9302914 Tynwald Green, Moortown107DORQ Band C41 months12/06/2013 19/10/2016 1 Bed Flat
Moortown945602 Frankland Grove, Chapeltown50Band A15 months03/11/2015 11/01/2017 1/2 Bed Flat
Morley943876 Syke Avenue, Tingley86Band A13 months17/12/2015 04/01/2017 3 Bed House
Morley938015 Lewisham Court, Morley40Band A4 months25/08/2016 30/11/2016 2 Bed Flat
Morley9499935 William Street, Churwell1Band C1 month05/01/2017 25/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Morley9408922 Wood View, Drighlington53Band A5 months26/07/2016 14/12/2016 1 Bed Bungalow
Morley9419946 Kingsway, Drighlington31DORQ Band A43 months04/07/2013 21/12/2016 1 Bed Flat
Morley9359494 Denshaw Grove, Morley191Band B4 months16/08/2016 16/11/2016 3 Bed House
Morley9384363 Glen Road, Morley243Band A45 months25/03/2013 30/11/2016 3 Bed House
Morley9331433 Wide Lane, Morley223DORQ Band A52 months09/08/2012 02/11/2016 2 Bed House
Morley94345144 Middleton Road, Morley214DORQ Band C86 months11/01/2010 04/01/2017 3 Bed House
Morley9378924A Albert Drive, Morley39Band A12 months01/01/2016 30/11/2016 2 Bed Flat
Pudsey942642 New Street Grove, Pudsey99Band A+4 months05/09/2016 21/12/2016 1 Bed Bungalow
Pudsey9449659 Marsden Court, Farsley26Band A4 months13/10/2016 11/01/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed MSF
Pudsey9396023 Rycroft Court, Swinnow47Band B14 months22/10/2015 07/12/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Pudsey9292227 Wellstone Road, Swinnow113Band B7 months05/04/2016 12/10/2016 3 Bed House
Pudsey9396962 Claremont Grove, Pudsey33Band C31 months12/06/2014 07/12/2016 2 Bed Flat
Pudsey9389731 Greenside, Pudsey0Direct LetSheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Pudsey941531 Standale Rise, Pudsey119Band A9 months01/04/2016 14/12/2016 3 Bed House
Pudsey9444648 Harley Gardens, Swinnow82Band A+1 month05/01/2017 04/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Pudsey9380414 Rycroft Court, Swinnow37Band B2 months31/10/2016 30/11/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Pudsey93888141 Swinnow Road, Swinnow148Band A9 months17/03/2016 30/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Pudsey9408623 Harley Walk, Swinnow0Direct Let3 Bed House
Pudsey9342526 The Cote, Farsley123Band A+14 months05/10/2015 09/11/2016 4 Bed House
Pudsey93886119 Claremont Grove, Pudsey36Band A1 month10/11/2016 30/11/2016 2 Bed Flat
Richmond Hill94233Flat 27, Railway Close280DORQ Band B48 months31/01/2013 21/12/2016 2 Bed Flat
Richmond Hill9369444 Aysgarth Walk, East End Park49Band A3 months14/09/2016 23/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Rothwell9457855 Churchfield Lane, Rothwell221Band A13 months07/01/2016 11/01/2017 2 Bed House
Rothwell9499714 Holmsley Walk, Oulton0Direct Let2 Bed House
Rothwell928052 Upper Street, Tingley138Band A+9 months26/01/2016 05/10/2016 3 Bed House
Rothwell940075 Crescent Avenue, Rothwell98Band A8 months10/05/2016 07/12/2016 3 Bed House
Rothwell937877 Holmsley Field Court, Oulton50Band A+2 months12/10/2016 30/11/2016 Sheltered - 1 Bed Bung.
Rothwell9377422 Northfield Avenue, Rothwell72Band A4 months12/08/2016 23/11/2016 3 Bed House
Rothwell9378831 Third Avenue, Rothwell80DORQ Band A19 months12/05/2015 30/11/2016 3 Bed House
Rothwell935166 Northfield Place, Rothwell79Band A5 months06/07/2016 16/11/2016 Sheltered - 1 Bed Bung.
Rothwell935514 Holmsley Field Court, Oulton38Band A6 months07/06/2016 16/11/2016 Sheltered - 1 Bed Bung.
Rothwell9464064 The Crescent, Tingley66Band A11 months07/03/2016 18/01/2017 1 Bed Bungalow
Rothwell9331115 Fourth Avenue, Rothwell62Band B5 months10/06/2016 02/11/2016 3 Bed House
Seacroft North9375840 Asket Drive, Seacroft108Band A12 months23/12/2015 23/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Seacroft North93638217 South Parkway, Seacroft49Band A+40 months07/08/2013 16/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Seacroft North9338816 Foundry Mill Crescent, Seacroft76DORQ Band B60 months19/12/2011 02/11/2016 4 Bed House
Seacroft North9457156 Kentmere Rise, Seacroft163Band B10 months22/03/2016 11/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Seacroft North93247100 Barncroft Drive, Seacroft184DORQ Band C45 months25/02/2013 26/10/2016 2 Bed House
Seacroft North94570949 York Road, Seacroft237Band A17 months31/08/2015 11/01/2017 3 Bed House
Seacroft North94718172 Ramshead Drive, Seacroft121Band A18 months24/08/2015 18/01/2017 2 Bed House
Seacroft North9440797 Rosgill Drive, Seacroft137Band A6 months02/08/2016 04/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Seacroft North9472040 Boggart Hill Drive, Seacroft48Band A5 months24/08/2016 18/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Seacroft North94864161 North Parkway, Seacroft147Band A8 months08/06/2016 25/01/2017 2 Bed House
Seacroft North931035 Rosgill Drive, Seacroft112Band A4 months18/07/2016 19/10/2016 1 Bed Flat
Seacroft North94325154 Dufton Approach, Seacroft65Band A6 months12/05/2016 26/10/2016 4 Bed House plus
Seacroft North9282960 Barncroft Drive, Seacroft164Band A9 months02/02/2016 05/10/2016 3 Bed House
Seacroft North9348962 Hawkshead Crescent, Seacroft69Band A4 months03/08/2016 09/11/2016 4 Bed House plus
Seacroft North9375954 Brooklands Towers, Seacroft27Band B7 months27/05/2016 23/11/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Seacroft North9404130 Pigeon Cote Road, Seacroft94Band A15 months24/09/2015 07/12/2016 1 Bed Flat
Seacroft North9264537 Brooklands Drive, Seacroft124Band A3 months13/07/2016 28/09/2016 3 Bed House
Seacroft North9417452 Eastdean Grove, Seacroft81Band A14 months17/11/2015 14/12/2016 2 Bed House
Seacroft North941709 Brathay Gardens, Seacroft106Band A14 months13/11/2015 14/12/2016 3 Bed House
Seacroft North9364339 Parkway Grange, Seacroft25Band C35 months17/01/2014 30/11/2016 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Seacroft North9375727 Monkswood Bank, Seacroft103DORQ Band C27 months19/09/2014 23/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Seacroft North93761112 Kentmere Approach, Seacroft70DORQ Band B42 months04/07/2013 23/11/2016 2 Bed House
Seacroft North9440831 Monkswood Bank, Seacroft135Band A21 months14/05/2015 04/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Seacroft North937632 Hollin Park Mount, Roundhay41Band A13 months26/11/2015 23/11/2016 1/2 Bed Flat
Seacroft North940396 Bailey Towers, Seacroft24Band B1 month30/11/2016 07/12/2016 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Seacroft North9309638 The Rein, Seacroft108Band A18 months12/05/2015 19/10/2016 2 Bed House
Seacroft North9078217 Eastdean Road, Seacroft147Band B12 months21/07/2015 15/06/2016 1 Bed Flat
Seacroft North9389132 Monkswood Hill, Seacroft130Band A16 months03/09/2015 30/11/2016 3 Bed House
Seacroft North9349142 Parkway Grange, Seacroft19Band A6 months09/06/2016 09/11/2016 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Seacroft North94191107 Barncroft Drive, Seacroft0Direct Let3 Bed House
Seacroft North9348844 Parkway Grange, Seacroft60Band C5 months05/07/2016 09/11/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Seacroft North9389419 Barncroft Gardens, Seacroft180DORQ Band A57 months19/04/2012 30/11/2016 3 Bed House
Seacroft North93764189 Moresdale Lane, Seacroft90Band A13 months27/11/2015 23/11/2016 2 Bed House
Seacroft North9417293 Monkswood Avenue, Seacroft86Band A4 months09/09/2016 14/12/2016 1 Bed Flat
Seacroft North9488190 Queensview, Seacroft0Direct LetSheltered - 2 Bed MSF
Seacroft North93332172 Tarnside Drive, Seacroft48Band A10 months13/01/2016 02/11/2016 2 Bed House
Swarcliffe943022 Esthwaite Gardens, Halton Moor56Band B8 months13/05/2016 21/12/2016 4 Bed House
Swarcliffe921166 Sherburn Walk, Whinmoor100Band A+1 month16/08/2016 24/08/2016 3 Bed House
Swarcliffe93709561 Coal Road, Whinmoor262Band A20 months13/04/2015 23/11/2016 2 Bed House
Swarcliffe94031117 Ullswater Crescent, Halton Moor102Band A11 months11/02/2016 07/12/2016 2 Bed House
Swarcliffe931997 Neville Close, Osmondthorpe107Band A+2 months06/09/2016 26/10/2016 4 Bed House plus
Swarcliffe9376779 Red Hall Chase, Whinmoor0Direct Let1/2 Bed House
Swarcliffe9364210 Appleby Place, Halton42Band A3 months10/10/2016 14/12/2016 1 Bed Flat
Swarcliffe9377152 Halton Moor Avenue, Osmondthorpe198Band A4 months01/08/2016 23/11/2016 3 Bed House
Swarcliffe9361368 Hebden Walk, Whinmoor100Band A26 months30/09/2014 16/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Swarcliffe936216 Baildon Close, Whinmoor86DORQ Band C56 months03/05/2012 16/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Swarcliffe9335670 Halton Moor Road, Halton Moor49Band A2 months28/09/2016 02/11/2016 3 Bed House
Swarcliffe9252714 Neville Close, Osmondthorpe103Band A7 months04/03/2016 21/09/2016 4 Bed House
Swarcliffe9412025 Eastwood Nook, Swarcliffe206Band A+4 months28/08/2016 14/12/2016 2 Bed House
Swarcliffe93658FLAT 1 The Plantation, Swarcliffe Drive65Band B8 months08/04/2016 23/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Swarcliffe9335140 Neville Close, Osmondthorpe128Band A+2 months21/09/2016 02/11/2016 4 Bed House
Swarcliffe9341681 Wykebeck Avenue, Osmondthorpe162DORQ Band C37 months01/11/2013 09/11/2016 2 Bed House
Swarcliffe948525 Eastwood Nook, Swarcliffe0Direct Let3 Bed House
Swarcliffe94423132 Halton Moor Avenue, Osmondthorpe56Band A6 months22/07/2016 04/01/2017 2 Bed Flat
Swarcliffe9433028 Ingleton Drive, Halton Moor73Band A12 months08/02/2016 18/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Swarcliffe947985 Mill Green Gardens, Swarcliffe240Band A+1 month06/01/2017 25/01/2017 3 Bed House
Swarcliffe938709 Southwood Road, Swarcliffe226Band A+1 month06/12/2016 30/11/2016 2 Bed House
Wortley9465525 Whingate Court, Armley16Band C2 months10/12/2016 18/01/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Wortley9444024 Tong Walk, Farnley0Direct Let1 Bed Flat
Wortley9518461 Bawn Avenue, Farnley0Direct Let4 Bed House
Wortley943602 Melrose Place, Pudsey51Band A+3 months14/10/2016 04/01/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Wortley93665220 Heights Drive, Armley151DORQ Band B51 months27/09/2012 23/11/2016 3 Bed House
Wortley934438 Greenthorpe Road, Bramley59Band A5 months16/06/2016 09/11/2016 3 Bed House
Wortley9373144 Whincover Road, Farnley76Band A2 months21/10/2016 23/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Wortley9405719 Stonecliffe Close, Farnley155Band A17 months07/08/2015 14/12/2016 2 Bed House
Wortley924744 Whincover View, Farnley122DORQ Band C62 months03/09/2011 21/09/2016 3 Bed House
Wortley9397744 Addingham Gardens, Armley38Band A11 months20/01/2016 07/12/2016 1/2 Bed Flat
Wortley9330124 Farfield Drive, Farsley96Band A6 months02/06/2016 09/11/2016 3 Bed House
Wortley9340440 Addingham Gardens, Armley33Band A18 months11/06/2015 09/11/2016 1/2 Bed Flat
Wortley9346622 Farrow Road, Armley79Band A1 month01/11/2016 09/11/2016 3 Bed House
Wortley9352921 Gamble Hill Croft, Bramley12Band B3 months15/09/2016 16/11/2016 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Wortley9282159 Whincover Road, Farnley169DORQ Band C49 months28/09/2012 05/10/2016 2 Bed House
Wortley944708 Greenthorpe Mount, Bramley162Band A+2 months07/12/2016 11/01/2017 2 Bed House
Wortley9429252 Oldfield Street, Wortley173DORQ Band C33 months16/04/2014 21/12/2016 2 Bed House
Wortley9433783 Tong Way, Farnley0Direct Let1 Bed Flat
Wortley94453101 Heights Way, Armley138Band A18 months19/08/2015 11/01/2017 2 Bed House
Wortley9437421 Rycroft Place, Swinnow13Band B2 months23/11/2016 04/01/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Wortley9418217 The Heights West, Armley20DORQ Band A12 months06/01/2016 21/12/2016 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Wortley9432889 Gamble Hill Grange, Bramley37Band A2 months22/11/2016 04/01/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Yeadon9393032 Wharfedale View, Chapel Lane0Direct Let1 Bed Flat
Yeadon9434339 Wharfedale View, Chapel Lane0Direct Let1 Bed Flat