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29/03/2017 at 8:30am
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Leeds Homes advertises properties let by private landlords who are members of the Leeds City Council Landlord Accreditation Scheme (LLAS). To view these properties
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Lettings results

We publish lettings results to provide details of how many bids we have received for each property we have advertised.

We publish the priority band of each customer who has been offered one of our homes, except where a direct let has been made. The majority of homes are let to customers in the highest priority band who have held that priority for the longest time. Up to 25% of council homes are advertised in the date of registration quota (DORQ) where the property is let to the person with the earliest date of registration and a local connection to the area. The relevant dates for each category are shown in the column ‘Member's Registration Data/Priority Date’ below. The DORQ lettings indicate the customer’s date of registration and the priority band lettings indicate their date of their priority award.

This will help you to decide how best to use your bids. It also enables us to make our lettings fair and transparent.

Please bear in mind that individual property feedback is only added when a property has been let. This can be delayed considerably, for example, when extensive repairs are required or when the current tenant extends their notice period.

Please note. We are currently experiencing technical problems with our lettings results data and not all properties have been entered in line with our usual timescales. You may not find any search results for properties that have been let fairly recently. We are working to correct this issue and will remove this message when normal service is resumed.

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Most recent letting results
Housing officeProperty refAddressNo. of BidsPriority of MemberMember's Waiting TimeMember's Registration Data/Priority DateDate AdvertisedProperty Type
Armley938069 Barden Place, Armley0Band A4 months22/08/2016 30/11/2016 2 Bed House
Armley941238 Salisbury Terrace, Armley0Band A6 months14/07/2016 14/12/2016 2 Bed House
Beeston & Holbeck9472835 Cottingley Drive, Cottingley0Direct Let4 Bed House
Beeston & Holbeck9501221A Atha Street, Cross Flatts0Direct Let3 Bed House
Belle Isle9402447 Belle Isle Circus, Belle Isle0Band A3 months16/09/2016 07/12/2016 1 Bed Flat
Bramley9440619 Fairfield Crescent, Bramley0Band A13 months08/01/2016 11/01/2017 2 Bed House
Bramley9454516 Summerfield Place, Bramley0Band A18 months06/08/2015 11/01/2017 2 Bed House
Bramley94353106 Broadlea Terrace, Bramley0DORQ Band A7 months01/07/2016 04/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Bramley9422417 Fernbank Close, Bramley0Band A+11 months23/02/2016 04/01/2017 2 Bed House
Bramley922991 Cardigan Green, Bramley0Band B2 months14/07/2016 07/09/2016 2 Bed House
Bramley938537A Fairfield Hill, Bramley0DORQ Band A30 months08/07/2014 30/11/2016 2 Bed House
Burmantofts9398345 Saville Green, Burmantofts0Band A11 months19/01/2016 07/12/2016 1 Bed MSF plus
Burmantofts9357682 Nowell Mount, Harehills0Band A8 months19/04/2016 16/11/2016 2 Bed Flat
Burmantofts936247 Lindsey Mount, Burmantofts0Band A2 months12/10/2016 16/11/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts9480240 Lindsey Mount, Burmantofts0Band A9 months20/05/2016 25/01/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts9415246 Lincoln Towers, Lincoln Green0Band A4 months18/08/2016 14/12/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts944114 Lindsey Mount, Burmantofts0Band A5 months23/08/2016 04/01/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Burmantofts9252219 St Hildas Crescent, Cross Green0Band A12 months21/10/2015 21/09/2016 4 Bed House
City & Hunslet92789FLAT 73, Bismarck Street0Band A2 months02/09/2016 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet94712FLAT 95, Bismarck Street0Band A13 months20/10/2015 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet94708FLAT 89, Bismarck Street0Band A12 months19/11/2015 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet94586FLAT 83, Bismarck Street0Band A8 months25/02/2016 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet92788FLAT 97, Bismarck Street0Band A16 months22/07/2015 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet94780FLAT 85, Bismarck Street0Band A9 months25/01/2016 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet94594FLAT 81, Bismarck Street0Band A12 months12/11/2015 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet94976FLAT 79, Bismarck Street0Band A2 months14/09/2016 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet94628FLAT 101, Bismarck Street0Band B9 months12/02/2016 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet92786FLAT 99, Bismarck Street0Band B12 months12/11/2015 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet92785FLAT 75, Bismarck Street0Band C8 months16/03/2016 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet94591FLAT 87, Bismarck Street0Band C38 months02/10/2013 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet94727FLAT 93, Bismarck Street0Band C3 months01/08/2016 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
City & Hunslet94627FLAT 105, Bismarck Street0Band C23 months16/12/2014 19/10/2016 2 Bed Flat
Dewsbury Road9427312 Bismarck Street, Beeston0Band B11 months17/02/2016 21/12/2016 3 Bed House
Dewsbury Road9441946 Cottingley Towers, Cottingley0DORQ Band A5 months22/08/2016 04/01/2017 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Dewsbury Road948475 Longroyd Avenue, Holbeck0Band A6 months03/08/2016 25/01/2017 2 Bed House
Dewsbury Road9427522 Rocheford Close, Hunslet0Band A6 months21/07/2016 21/12/2016 1 Bed Flat
Gipton9415131 Foundry Avenue, Harehills0Band A11 months21/01/2016 14/12/2016 1 Bed Flat
Gipton9421010 Amberton Crescent, Gipton0Band A16 months01/09/2015 21/12/2016 2 Bed House
Horsforth93614109A Meagill Rise, Weston Estate0Band A7 months11/05/2016 16/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Horsforth9450315B Weston Drive, Weston Estate0Band A17 months21/08/2015 11/01/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Horsforth942611 Springwell Close, Yeadon0Band A17 months27/08/2015 21/12/2016 1 Bed House
Horsforth9440318 Wayland Approach, Adel0Band A1 month22/12/2016 04/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Horsforth9440123 Holtdale Drive, Holt Park0Band A5 months09/08/2016 04/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Kippax9410234 Ringway, Garforth0Band A5 months22/07/2016 14/12/2016 Sheltered - 2 Bed Bung.
Kippax9411712 Halliday Road, Garforth0Band A3 months27/09/2016 14/12/2016 2 Bed Maisonette
Kirkstall945539 Beevers Court, Ireland Wood0Band A6 months21/07/2016 11/01/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Kirkstall942419 Spen Walk, West Park0Band A4 months01/09/2016 21/12/2016 2 Bed Flat
Kirkstall94460156 Lea Farm Road, Kirkstall0Band A11 months23/03/2016 18/01/2017 2 Bed Flat
Kirkstall9455012 Grayson Crest, Kirkstall0Band A8 months19/05/2016 11/01/2017 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Little London9379819 Oatland Heights, Sheepscar0Band A14 months15/10/2015 30/11/2016 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Little London93293Flat E 6 Blenheim Square, Woodhouse0Band A12 months16/11/2015 02/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Little London937979 Blenheim View, Woodhouse0Band B5 months14/07/2016 30/11/2016 1/2 Bed Flat
Meanwood9447115 Larkhill View, Gledhow0Direct Let1 Bed Flat
Meanwood9497712 Hamilton Place, Chapeltown0DORQ Band A45 months22/04/2013 21/12/2016 3 Bed House
Middleton94945101 Sissons Terrace, Middleton0Direct Let2 Bed House
Middleton9429614 Thorpe Grove, Middleton0Band A12 months04/01/2016 21/12/2016 2 Bed House
Middleton94536218 Middleton Ring Road, Belle Isle0DORQ Band C42 months30/08/2013 11/01/2017 2 Bed House
Moortown945602 Frankland Grove, Chapeltown0Band A15 months03/11/2015 11/01/2017 1/2 Bed Flat
Moortown94693129 Shadwell Lane, Moortown0Band A88 months23/11/2009 18/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Moortown94009Flat B 105 Harehills Lane, Chapeltown0Band A4 months12/08/2016 07/12/2016 1 Bed Flat
Moortown9450518 Moorhaven Court, Moortown0Band C8 months09/06/2016 11/01/2017 Sheltered - Bedsit
Moortown9443032 York Road, North Street0Band C7 months17/06/2016 04/01/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed House
Moortown93865119 Alderton Heights, Moortown0Band C5 months28/07/2016 30/11/2016 2 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Morley9499935 William Street, Churwell0Band C1 month05/01/2017 25/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Morley938015 Lewisham Court, Morley0Band A4 months25/08/2016 30/11/2016 2 Bed Flat
Morley943876 Syke Avenue, Tingley0Band A13 months17/12/2015 04/01/2017 3 Bed House
Pudsey9444648 Harley Gardens, Swinnow0Band A+1 month05/01/2017 04/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Pudsey9408623 Harley Walk, Swinnow0Direct Let3 Bed House
Pudsey93888141 Swinnow Road, Swinnow0Band A9 months17/03/2016 30/11/2016 1 Bed Flat
Pudsey9380414 Rycroft Court, Swinnow0Band B2 months31/10/2016 30/11/2016 1 Bed Multi Storey Flat
Rothwell943658 West View, Oulton0Direct Let3 Bed House
Rothwell9464064 The Crescent, Tingley0Band A11 months07/03/2016 18/01/2017 1 Bed Bungalow
Seacroft North94864161 North Parkway, Seacroft0Band A8 months08/06/2016 25/01/2017 2 Bed House
Seacroft North9472040 Boggart Hill Drive, Seacroft0Band A5 months24/08/2016 18/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Seacroft North93247100 Barncroft Drive, Seacroft0DORQ Band C45 months25/02/2013 26/10/2016 2 Bed House
Seacroft North94570949 York Road, Seacroft0Band A17 months31/08/2015 11/01/2017 3 Bed House
Seacroft North94718172 Ramshead Drive, Seacroft0Band A18 months24/08/2015 18/01/2017 2 Bed House
Seacroft North9440797 Rosgill Drive, Seacroft0Band A6 months02/08/2016 04/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Seacroft North9457156 Kentmere Rise, Seacroft0Band B10 months22/03/2016 11/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Swarcliffe948525 Eastwood Nook, Swarcliffe0Direct Let3 Bed House
Swarcliffe94423132 Halton Moor Avenue, Osmondthorpe0Band A6 months22/07/2016 04/01/2017 2 Bed Flat
Swarcliffe938709 Southwood Road, Swarcliffe0Band A+1 month06/12/2016 30/11/2016 2 Bed House
Swarcliffe947985 Mill Green Gardens, Swarcliffe0Band A+1 month06/01/2017 25/01/2017 3 Bed House
Swarcliffe9433028 Ingleton Drive, Halton Moor0Band A12 months08/02/2016 18/01/2017 1 Bed Flat
Wortley943602 Melrose Place, Pudsey0Band A+3 months14/10/2016 04/01/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat
Wortley9444024 Tong Walk, Farnley0Direct Let1 Bed Flat
Wortley9518461 Bawn Avenue, Farnley0Direct Let4 Bed House
Wortley9465525 Whingate Court, Armley0Band C2 months10/12/2016 18/01/2017 Sheltered - 1 Bed Flat