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All bidding will finish on Monday 25/06/2018 at 5.00pm and will start again on Wednesday 27/06/2018 at 8.30am
Leeds Homes - Social Housing Picker
Social Housing Picker
We are pleased to announce the pilot of our new Social Housing Picker service which helps you find out how long it might take to be rehoused in any area across Leeds. It's customised to your own housing circumstances and will tell you the average number of weeks to be rehoused in Council Ward areas*.
The results are only a guide and do not guarantee that applicants will be rehoused in this period of time. Leeds City Council cannot accept any responsibility for the outcome of decisions made by an applicant based on the information provided on the picker.
Why not give it a try here
LCC logo*Based on past lettings to customers in their chosen categories
Leeds Federated LogoGrove Court, Boston Spa, Leeds LS23 6FS
Grove Court
Leeds Federated Housing Association are delighted to offer 4 new homes located on Grove Court, Boston Spa, Leeds LS23 6FS. The properties consist of:- 4 x three bedroom 5 person Town Houses, weekly rent £109.00. These homes are due for completion mid August 2018
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Our brand new Leeds Homes website is nearly ready with a new look, more information and more interactive features. If you’ve already registered your email address with us then you’re good to go. If you haven’t, the easiest way to register or update an existing email address is to follow the instructions when you place your bids. Alternatively, you can use the ‘Update Application’ tab on the left of this page. You only need tell us once to use the new online bidding service coming soon.

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