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All bidding will finish on Monday 26/02/2018 at 5.00pm and will start again on Wednesday 28/02/2018 at 8.30am
Leeds Homes - Social Housing Picker
Social Housing Picker
We are pleased to announce the pilot of our new Social Housing Picker service which helps you find out how long it might take to be rehoused in any area across Leeds. It's customised to your own housing circumstances and will tell you the average number of weeks to be rehoused in Council Ward areas*.
The results are only a guide and do not guarantee that applicants will be rehoused in this period of time. Leeds City Council cannot accept any responsibility for the outcome of decisions made by an applicant based on the information provided on the picker.
Why not give it a try here
LCC logo*Based on past lettings to customers in their chosen categories
Blow The Whistle On Housing Cheats
Tenancy Fraud Awareness Ref.jpg

When somebody with a council or housing association home rents it out without permission or obtains a home through providing false information, they are guilty of housing fraud. They are using up valuable housing spaces and depriving families and vulnerable people on the waiting list. It's not fair. If you suspect someone of unlawfully sub-letting contact us at: Your report will be treated in the strictest confidence and can be given anonymously.


Our brand new Leeds Homes website is nearly ready with a new look, more information and more interactive features. You will need an email address to register and bid online. If you haven’t done this already the easiest way to register or update an existing email address is to follow the instructions at the stage when you place your bids. Alternatively, you can use the ‘Update Application’ tab on the left of this page.
If you do not currently have an email address, a general web search will explain how to get one. If you need access to a computer, there are approximately 500 public accessible computers spread across council libraries which you can book and use for free with assistance from staff if required.
Please register your email address as soon as possible so that you will be able to access the new online bidding service.

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Please Note
Most of our properties advertised are still occupied. Whilst we would encourage you to check that the location is suitable please refrain from disturbing the current occupier by attempting to view either the internal or external area of the property. We do not include the property number in our adverts due to outgoing tenants being disturbed by people viewing their home.
You will only be invited to view the property if you have been made an offer.

All bidding will finish on Monday 26/02/2018 at 5pm and will start again on Wednesday 28/02/2018 at 8.30am

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Four easy steps to find your new home;


  • To look for a home in any part of Leeds just click on the search button.


  • To look for homes from a specific Housing office choose from the Select area drop down list and then click on the search button.


  • You can narrow your search down by selecting property type (house, bedsit, adapted etc.), your bedroom requirements, landlord and maximum rent level.


We are now advertising private rented homes from landlords who are members of the Leeds Rental Standard.