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All bidding will finish on Monday 25/06/2018 at 5.00pm and will start again on Wednesday 27/06/2018 at 8.30am
Leeds Homes - Social Housing Picker
Social Housing Picker
We are pleased to announce the pilot of our new Social Housing Picker service which helps you find out how long it might take to be rehoused in any area across Leeds. It's customised to your own housing circumstances and will tell you the average number of weeks to be rehoused in Council Ward areas*.
The results are only a guide and do not guarantee that applicants will be rehoused in this period of time. Leeds City Council cannot accept any responsibility for the outcome of decisions made by an applicant based on the information provided on the picker.
Why not give it a try here
LCC logo*Based on past lettings to customers in their chosen categories
Leeds Federated LogoGrove Court, Boston Spa, Leeds LS23 6FS
Grove Court
Leeds Federated Housing Association are delighted to offer 4 new homes located on Grove Court, Boston Spa, Leeds LS23 6FS. The properties consist of:- 4 x three bedroom 5 person Town Houses, weekly rent £109.00. These homes are due for completion mid August 2018
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Our brand new Leeds Homes website is nearly ready with a new look, more information and more interactive features. If you’ve already registered your email address with us then you’re good to go. If you haven’t, the easiest way to register or update an existing email address is to follow the instructions when you place your bids. Alternatively, you can use the ‘Update Application’ tab on the left of this page. You only need tell us once to use the new online bidding service coming soon.

Your Questions

How do I become a member of Leeds Homes?

Simply fill out a registration form.

Click to download a form.

You can pick up a form from your local Housing Office/One Stop Centre or by telephoning (0113) 222 4413.

Who can apply?

Anyone who is over 16 years of age can apply for housing by completing a membership form.
If you have rent arrears or have committed anti-social behaviour we may not be able to rehouse you. There are also restrictions on some people subject to immigration control, or who have arrived in the UK from abroad.

Where can I find out which homes are available?

All our available homes are advertised weekly on this website and in the Leeds Homes property flyer.

You can pick up a free copy of the Leeds Homes property flyer at Merrion House, Neighbourhood Housing Offices, One Stop Centres and participating Housing Association Offices.

Each week you can bid for up to three properties that are suitable for you.

How do I bid for a property?

  • Online using this website
  • Text your bid to 60066
  • By telephoning our automated line on (0113) 222 4413 (between 8.30am - 5pm Wed-Mon)
  • By calling into any Housing Office or participating Housing Association Office.

What should I do if I need help bidding?

If you would like to give your permission for a relative or support worker or agency to be able to bid for homes on your behalf, you will need to complete the Advocate Consent Form which can be downloaded here or requested from a housing office or One Stop Centre. Once you have completed the form please return it to any housing office or One Stop Centre.

How long will I have available to place my bids?

Six days. Every Wednesday (except some bank holiday periods) we update the website with new available properties. We also publish these in the Leeds Homes property flyer.

Bids must be placed by 5pm on the Monday of the following week. Bids placed after this time will not be considered. We will publish the deadline date on the website and on the front page of the flyer.

Why do adverts not include the property number?

We do not feature the property number on our adverts in the Leeds Homes Flyer and website and only the street and block names are available. Our tenants have expressed their desire not to be disturbed by members of the public when their property is still on notice but has been advertised. Whilst potential applicants should check an area is suitable before bidding, we discourage anyone going into tenants gardens and yards and looking through windows which not only disturbs them in their own home but can be quite frightening for some people.

Applicants will only be disclosed the full address if they receive an offer for a property.

What is a housing need band?

When you register with us we will assess your housing needs and your application will be placed in one of the following bands:

  • Band A - This band is for households who have an urgent need to move.
  • Band B - This band is for households who have a moderately urgent need to move.
  • Band C - This band is for all other households including those with a low or no housing need.

When deciding which band you should be in we will look at your medical needs, your housing conditions, whether you are homeless and any other reason that you need to be rehoused.

When we have processed your registration we will write to tell you which band your application is in.

To view the council’s Lettings Policy click on this link;

How long will I remain in Band A or Band B?

Your will remain in Band A or Band B for 180 days.  We will write to you to let you know when your priority is due to expire.

Can my priority award be extended?

Yes, extension requests should be made to the local housing office where your registration form is held. All extension requests are considered on an individual basis.

Which property types can I bid for?

Properties will only be let if the property is suitable for a household’s needs as shown below. This is a general guide, please check the property advert for more details about the lettings criteria.

Property typeCustomers who will be given preference for these properties
Houses (with 2 or more bedrooms)Households with the primary care of  dependent children (this usually means children aged up to 18 years old in full time education) or a household with a medical recommendation for a house
1 bedroom flats and housesSingle people / couples
2 bedroom flatsSingle people / couples with part time access to children (children must stay overnight for at least 2 nights each week)
Adapted propertiesDisabled customers with a medical housing recommendation for the adaptations, for example, through floor lift, stair lift etc.
BungalowsPeople age 60 years old, or younger customers with an appropriate medical housing recommendation (e.g. for level access / ground floor accommodation)
Sheltered properties – category 1 (alarm call but no warden)People age 60 years old and over who require the alarm call system, or younger customers with a medical housing recommendation for sheltered accommodation
Sheltered properties – category 2 (alarm call and visiting warden)People age 60 years old and over who require the alarm call system and warden service, or younger customers with a medical housing recommendation for sheltered accommodation.

Who do we decide to make an offer to?

We advertise two types of properties, which are let in different ways:

  • 75% of council homes are advertised in the housing need quota where the property is let to the person in the highest priority band. If there is more than one person in the same band then the person who has been waiting the longest in that band will normally be offered the property.
  • 25% of council homes are advertised in the date of registration quota where the property is let to the person with the earliest date of registration and a local connection to the area, either by residence, employment, family connection or other special reason. If the housing office requests proof of your local connection, you will need to provide it within 3 working days.

Sometimes the person at the top of the shortlist is not offered the property, for example, people with a history of rent arrears or anti-social behaviour or people who have deliberately made their housing situation worse.

If you are an owner occupier in Band C you will have your waiting time capped at 6 months. This means that even if your application was registered a long time ago, we will only consider a maximum of 6 months waiting time when shortlisting for a property.

If you are a council tenant in Band C and you have caused damage to your home we may decide not to rehouse you until you have repaired the damage.

The property advert tells you what type of household the home is suitable for. For example, a house will normally be let to a customer with the primary care of dependent children. We won't normally offer you a home if your requirements are different from the ‘suitable for’ criteria.

If you’re successfully shortlisted for a home the landlord will contact you directly. The landlord will then arrange for you to view the home.

We may not offer you the home if you have rent arrears or if you have caused nuisance to neighbours through anti-social Behaviour. This may apply even if you are not a Leeds City Council tenant. If this happens you will have the right to appeal. You may also be considered for a home later if you change your behaviour, for example, by making regular payments towards your rent arrears.

What is the Leeds Landlord Accreditation Scheme?

If you are looking to rent from a private landlord why not choose a LLAS member in order to be assured of quality accommodation that is healthy, safe and where the landlord will be professional and respectful. If you would like further information about the LLAS check the council’s website at

What will happen if I’m offered a home but decide not to accept it?

If you are in Band A or Band B, and you refuse a reasonable offer of a home, your application may be moved to Band C.

If you are in Band C your date of registration can be changed to the date of refusal

If we have a legal duty to re-house you (because you are statutory homeless) and you refuse the reasonable offer of a home, we may no longer have a legal duty to re-house you.

What if I don’t hear anything about a home that I have bid for?

Unfortunately we are unable to contact unsuccessful bidders. Details of previous lettings are available on the ‘Lettings results’ page of this website.

How soon after making a bid will I hear if I have been successful?

The landlord will normally contact you once the property is ready to view. If repairs are needed or the property is still under notice, this may be up to6 weeks from the close of the bidding cycle. In exceptional cases it may take longer, for example if major repairs are required.

What if I am homeless?

Leeds Housing Options aims to prevent homelessness by offering advice and assistance on housing and accommodation to those in housing and/or homelessness related need. Leeds Housing Options offers a face to face service and also responds to queries via the telephone.

Leeds Housing Options,
Leeds City Council,
Merrion House,
110 Merrion Centre,

Tel: (0113) 222 4412


What are Direct Lets?

We advertise most of our available homes, however we sometimes make a direct offer of a home known as 'Direct Lets'. These are generally used to re-house customers we have a legal/contractual duty to re-house. More information about who is eligible for a direct let can be found in our lettings policy. We publish feedback about homes we have let as direct lets on this website.

Why do we publish results on the homes that we have let?

On the 'lettings results' page of this website we publish details of the successful bidder’s priority band and length of time in that band for housing need properties, the successful bidder’s date of registration for date of registration properties and how many bids we have received for each home we have advertised.

This will help you to decide which homes you would like to bid for. It also helps us to make things as fair and transparent as possible to our members.

What should I do if I feel that a wrong decision has been made?

You have the right to a review if you are unhappy about a decision that we have made by writing to:
Right to Review Panel,
Merrion House,
110 Merrion Centre,

Please include your full name and address, contact telephone number and your Leeds Homes Membership number.