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Suspension of Bidding and Lettings

In light of the Prime Minister’s statement on Monday 30th March, and the decision to increase social distancing measures across the country, we have decided to suspend lettings to Council homes via our Choice Based Lettings system. 

There will be no homes advertised on the website until further notice.  If you have already been allocated a Council home, this allocation will be honoured, but there may be some delays in the home becoming available for you. 

If you have been offered a home, an officer will make contact with you in the next few days to discuss your individual circumstances and will be able to offer any further advice and support.  If you have been offered a home with a Housing Association, please liaise directly with the Housing Association for more information.

The Leeds Homes website will be updated with any changes and all applicants with a live application will be contacted to advise when the next bidding cycle will start.


Why have Leeds Homes adverts been suspended?

The government have urged people not to move house to try to limit the spread of coronavirus across the UK. We have therefore made the decision to suspend the choice based lettings scheme until further notice.


What about the bids I have placed last week?

Any bids made on or since the last bidding cycle commenced on Wednesday 25th March will be cancelled and all active adverts will be withdrawn. This means any bids made since 25th March will not count.


Will my previous bids be honoured?

All bids made prior to midnight Monday 23rd March will be honoured. You will be contacted in the normal way by lettings teams but may not be able to move into your new property right away due to the current travel restrictions.


Will you be advertising any properties during this period?

No properties will be advertised during this period. You will be contacted via email when the scheme is reactivated. Any updates will also be posted to the Leeds Homes website.


I’ve seen a property advertised this week that I am really interested in. What will happen to my bid?

Unfortunately your bid has been cancelled. There is no guarantee that the properties advertised this week will be advertised again but if they are, you will need to bid on it again. We can’t check the status of properties at this time but you will receive an email when normal services resume.


I’m homeless and have nowhere to live. What do I do?

All possession proceedings in both private rented and social housing have been cancelled due to the covid-19 crisis so please don’t leave your home. If you are being asked to leave by family and friends, Housing Options offers a mediation service to help you stay indoors for as long as possible – you can contact them on 0113 222 4412. If you are roofless tonight, the Housing Options emergency team will you call back as soon as they can.


I’m worried about my medical needs in relation to my housing and I need to move urgently. What do I do?

You can call the Independent Living Team Duty Line on 0113 3784900. You’ll need to leave a voicemail with your details and someone will call you back as soon as they can, usually on the same day.


My circumstances have changed due to the crisis and I need a new assessment. What do I do?

If you are entitled to a new assessment due to a change of circumstances, call Housing Options on 0113 222 4412. Someone from the team will contact you back via phone to do this. Timescales for contact will depend on the urgency of your situation.


Will I lose my priority if I’m unable to bid?

You will not lose your priority because you can’t bid – if your priority runs out please request a priority extension in the normal way by calling 0113 222 4413.


When my priority expires will I still be able to apply for an extension?

You can still apply for a priority extension in the normal way by calling 0113 2224413.


How long will this situation last?

The current situation is due to last for 3 weeks until 12th April but could last longer. We will email you once normal services resume and any updates will be posted to the Leeds Homes website.


I currently qualify for a Direct Let. Will I still be considered?

Normal direct lettings will be suspended until further notice, in line with government guidelines around minimising travel.


What if I am offered a property but I am unable to move due to self-isolation?

The property will be held for you until you are able to move and normal services resume.


I am due to complete a Mutual Exchange soon. Will this still go ahead?

All mutual exchanges will be put on hold until further notice. You will be able to complete your exchange once normal service resumes.


Can I still register to bid?

You can still apply to bid and your application will be fully registered as long as you have provided all of your proofs digitally. If you are unable to provide your proofs digitally, you can still apply online but will need to wait until the community hubs and one stop centres are re-opened  to provide your proofs and have your application fully registered.

Please note we will not be processing garage applications or letting garages until further notice.  Please do not contact us with any queries relating to letting a new garage.

Welcome to the Leeds Homes website

We advertise Leeds City Council and partner Housing Association homes for registered customers to bid on. Homes for rent are advertised each week running from Wednesday to Monday.

If you have not registered an application with us please click on ‘Register’ at the top of this page. 

If you are logging in for the first time after registering, have forgotten your login details or you already have a bidding number, please click on the ‘Login’ tab on the top right hand corner of this page. Your bidding number is the reference number of your application.   

If you need further assistance, there are help videos available on the ‘Info’ tab at the top of this page, however, if you do require some assistance you contact us on (0113) 222 4413 or visit your local Community Hub or One Stop Centre.

How long will it take to get rehoused?

Click on the ‘Weeks to Rehouse’ tab at the top of this page to see the average waiting times for Council Housing in Leeds. Waiting times vary between areas and property types.

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